LabWindows/​CVI Real-​Time Module

The LabWindows/​CVI Real-​Time Module extends the LabWindows/​CVI development environment to help you create reliable and deterministic applications that target dedicated real-​time hardware.

The LabWindows/​CVI Real-​Time Module offers real-​time application development by combining flexible, high-​performance software with rugged, modular hardware. You can create real-​time applications from the LabWindows/​CVI integrated development environment and use a comprehensive ANSI development workspace that incorporates test- and control-​specific libraries, including hardware libraries, comprehensive analysis and PID algorithms, and communication and threading utilities. You can also automatically deploy your real-​time applications over Ethernet to distributed targets running a real-​time OS. The LabWindows/​CVI Real-​Time Module provides tight I/​O integration of analog, digital, dynamic signal acquisition, CAN, benchtop, and modular instruments with real-​time applications.


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