PXI MIL-​STD-1553 Interface Module

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​ ​Provides PXI bus interfaces for the MIL-​STD-1553 protocol.

PXI MIL-​STD-1553 Interface Modules provide bus controller (BC), remote terminal (RT) (up to 32), or monitor (MON) operation and supports all MIL-​STD-1553 message types. Options include models with both single-​function and multifunction channel operation. MIL-​STD-1553 data buses can maintain a time-​tagged history of bus activity in a sequential record file for storage and analysis. Advanced features include multiterminal simulation with concurrent monitoring, variable transmit amplitude, zero crossing distortion, IRIG time synchronization/​generation, and protocol error injection for word, gap, and message errors. PXI MIL-​STD-1553 Interface Module applications include test, simulation, and operational uses of avionics data buses.