Vision Systems

Vision systems from NI are high performance, fanless, controllers that provide the highest level of processing power and connectivity. Their compact and rugged design makes them ideal for machine vision applications operating is the harshest environments common in vision-guided motion, industrial inspection, and OEM vision applications.

Industrial Controllers

Industrial Controllers simplify your system by allowing you to integrate vision, motion, I/O, and HMIs into one controller. These controllers feature the latest Intel Core processors and Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGAs for image co-processing, making them ideal for high-performance machine vision applications.

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Compact Vision Systems

Compact Vision Systems are rugged automation controllers that combine industrial camera connectivity, open communication, and FPGA-based I/O in a small form factor. Using the included Vision Builder for Automated Inspection software you can acquire and process images in real time from multiple cameras.

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Smart Cameras

Smart Cameras combine high-quality image sensors with powerful real-time processors to create a rugged, all-in-one solution for distributed machine vision applications. They are designed to tightly integrate with other vision systems as well as work with the entire suite of vision algorithms.

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CompactRIO Platform

With native connectivity for USB and Gigabit Ethernet, CompactRIO controllers allow you to integrate machine vision alongside motion control, industrial signal-conditioned I/O, and advanced measurements within a single, high-performance embedded controller.

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