Getting Started with DAQExpress Video Series

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Included with many NI DAQ products, DAQExpress™ is designed with the needs of the R&D engineers, researchers, and scientists at the forefront - it allows you to quickly configure your measurement across multiple channels and instantly view, explore, and save data without needing to write code or build a user interface. DAQExpress gets you to your measurements quickly so you can iterate your experimental measurement setup to capture the right data to validate your designs/hypotheses.

This video series will cover several key topics in DAQExpress, including taking your first measurement, recording your data, triggering the start of an acquisition, and more.

Introduction to DAQExpress


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This video series has been grouped into three sections. Click one of the links below to learn more about a topic. 

Acquire, Record, and Analyze Data

Watch these videos to learn how to acquire data in DAQExpress, record that data to disk, and process that data using DAQExpress analysis panels

Digital Events: Counters and Triggers 

Watch these videos to learn how to interact with digital events - increment a counter when a line goes high or trigger an acquisition when a line goes low. 

Transitioning to Programming

Watch this video to seamlessly transition from DAQExpress measurement and analysis panels to a full-fledged program. 


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