Add USB-8486 Support by Updating Firmware Using NI-FBUS 15.0 and Earlier


The Revision B USB-8486 device uses an updated Fieldbus Communication Controller chip. If you are using NI-FBUS 15.0 driver or earlier with a Revision B USB-8486 device, you need to update the firmware of your NI-FBUS 15.0 software installation.


Identify your USB-8486 by the part number (P/N)

The following table specifies how to identify your USB-8486 by the P/N.

Device Latest Revision B USB-8486 Old Revision A USB-8486
Part Number (P/N)






Note: The assembly part number of the USB-8486 is printed on a label adhered directly to the back of the device. The part number should be formatted as a 10-character alphanumeric string ######<REV>-#<VER>L.


Update the firmware in NI-FBUS 15.0 and earlier

If you are using NI-FBUS 15.0 and earlier with the new USB-8486, complete the following steps to patch your NI-FBUS software.
1. Remove all NI-FBUS devices and close all NI-FBUS software.
2. Download the ffimage.bin.usb file from this KB.
3. On your development computer, navigate to <National Instruments>\NI-FBUS\Binaries.
4. Replace the ffimage.bin.usb file with the one downloaded from this page. See downloads on the top right.
5. Restart your development computer.
The following table specifies the actions you need to take for different versions of USB-8486 and NI-FBUS.

Device NI-FBUS 15.0 and earlier NI-FBUS 16.0 and later
Latest USB-8486 Update the firmware No need to update the firmware
Old USB-8486 No need to update the firmware No need to update the firmware


Note: NI-FBUS 16.0 and later are compatible with all USB-8486. You do not need to update the firmware in NI-FBUS 16.0 or later.


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