LabWindows™/CVI™ 2019 Bug Fixes


The following items are changes in LabWindows™/CVI™ 2019. If you have a Bug ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.

Bug Fixes

The following items are Bug Fixes in LabWindows™/CVI™ 2019.

ID Legacy ID Fixed Issue Issue Details
227324 - LabWindows™/CVI™ cannot copy files to the VXIPnP directories on Windows Vista and later. These directories are locked by default, which is not the correct behavior.
356708 - The Source window cursor can persist after selecting text and editing a variable tooltip. This behavior can cause two cursors to exist at the same time.
390670 - When you add a line continuation character \ to the end of a comment line initiated by the \\ symbol, the syntax highlighting feature does not continue to the next line, indicating the next line continues the comment. This behavior can be demonstrated with the following code snippet:

\\This is a comment. \
This is also a comment.
411386 - The function panel size changes how function calls are inserted into code. For example, if the function panel is not maximized, the function call is added over multiple lines. However, if you maximize the function panel, the function call is inserted on one line.
412464 - Opening, editing, and saving a source file with a very long file path causes LabWindows™/CVI™ to crash. Previous versions of LabWindows™/CVI™ display a Badly formed pathname message instead of crashing.
412828 - Building a distribution kit with a long file name can cause LabWindows™/CVI™I to crash on Windows XP. N/A
414649 - The Scopedem example might return the non-fatal run-time error Attempt to write beyond end of string. This occurs due to long file paths selected to store data.
438144 - UI to Code Converter may generate code that yields a non-fatal run-time error. When using the UI to Code Converter (Tools»UI to Code Converter) to generate code from a UIR file that contains a tree control, deselecting the Skip default attributes option will generate code that yields the non-fatal runtime error The index passed is out of range.
440951 - When building a 64-bit installer, there is no installation directory option for LabVIEW (64-bit). When specifying Installation Files & Directories in the Edit Installer dialog box, you can choose [LabVIEW], but there is no option for [LabVIEW (64-bit)].
460818 - SMTP servers reject email from InetSendMail because it does not send date information in the header.  
463586 - Clicking on the ... button to the right of the Network Variable Pathname parameter in the function panel for CNVCreateSubscriber causes a 'The attribute value passed is not valid' error. N/A
464507 - Running the Interactive Execution window a second time after finishing a run of the interactive statements with the Finish Function option causes the Interactive Execution window to crash.  
465367 - If the data slice in an Array Display is changed, the numeric controls, Row and Column, in the Go to Cell dialog correctly change their ranges, but Go to Cell does not go to the correct cell.  
470220 - Enabling both the Expand tabs to spaces when saving files and Convert leading spaces to tabs when loading files Editor Preferences options causes the current line statement to be highlighted incorrectly when debugging.  
473458 - The Variables and Call Stack window occasionally shows ERROR: Unexpected character. when changing the specific type for a variable.  
487428 - You receive a non-fatal run-time error, Attempt to read beyond end of string, when specifying a string member of a struct returned by a function as the source input for sprintf.  
492787 - "The buffer passed was too small for this operation" error will occur when entering text for a multiline tooltip in the User Interface Editor. This issue will occur for all controls and is not dependent on the length of the text entered for the multiline tooltip.
494678 - EVENT_COMMIT is not raised when focus is changed from a table cell in edit mode to a different user interface panel.  
510665 - View Variable Value only shows the first element of char* variables in the Array Display when the char* variable value is set using CA_BSTRGetCString. N/A
515795 - Red highlighted text in the Memory window is not always reset after every execution. N/A
516928 - Including a library (.lib), possibly of an old format, in both the project tree and the LoadExternalModule (LEM) Options dialog causes the following error: error: Input file is not a valid archive.  
525073 - LabWindows/CVI may slow down or hang when performing extended debugging with the Resource Tracking window. In some cases, the LabWindows/CVI 2013 debugger may slow down or hang when a project is compiled with extended debugging and you are using the Resource Tracking window.
533817 - The editable data tooltip does not display characters after a newline character.  
533835 - The name of the executable is not changed on 64-bit configurations when renaming the project. N/A
537281 - Revert Tab command moves cursor but not text for a single line. N/A
555561 - The Options»Build Options»Require function prototypes option does not issue compile errors when function declarations are not declared using a full prototype. N/A
557448 - An incorrect build diagnostic 1, 1 ', but encoding is not supported is reported when a source file has UTF-16 BOM. The corresponding build output message from the clang compiler is fatal error: UTF-16 (LE) byte order mark detected in 'Command-line Application.c', but encoding is not supported.
570567 - The LabWindows™/CVI™I ADE Distribution Installer Version Maximum version is 254.254.65534 instead of 255.255.65535 N/A
586870 - Resource Tracking does not work properly when using Specify Executable and Command Line option. When using the "Run»Specify Executable and Command Line" option to specify an executable to launch for debugging, and debug from CVI, resource tracking will not report cases where memory was allocated and not freed from DLLs.
589452 - CVI crashes when building a project if a Function Panel is present in the opened file section of the workspace file and the same Function Panel is loaded in the user libraries. N/A
591193 - When run-time checking is enabled, the first element of a multidimensional array of structures is initialized to NULL. N/A
595232 - The UI Editor displays a The index passed is out of range error when cutting the last item in a menu bar. N/A
618185 - You get a General Protection Fault when a structure field of a union (1) contains a pointer, (2) was created with a designated initializer, and (3) run-time checking is enabled.  
637529 - SetTableCellRingItemAttribute does not generate a run-time error if an invalid index value is used as a parameter.  
649936 - When deleting highlighted lines in the source code editor, CVI will temporarily update the display to show an additional deleted line in certain circumstances. This happens with Line Selection Mode enabled and using Shift+Arrow keys to highlight a single row.
659599 - When saving in text format (*.tui), any *.uir which contains an ActiveX control crashes CVI with exception "c0000409: buffer overflow".  
688092 - When adding an item to a tree control using a popup, the items added to the tree control are not grouped properly.  
691557 - If there is only one point in a bar plot, the width is incorrectly calculated. The width of the individual bars in a bar plot is calculated based on the minimum gap between any two adjacent points in the graph, therefore having only one point can cause the width to be misrepresentative of the data.
701257 - When a project is in a directory path containing multibyte characters in Windows 10, build 1803 or later, CVI returns build error RC1109. When using Windows 10 1803 and later, error RC1109 occurs if the CVI project is located in a directory path containing multibyte characters. This does not affect applications that are already built.
703092 - "View Variable Value" does not work for global variables that are defined in another source file.  
706577 - Casting a double variable to a float produces unexpected results if compiled in 64-bit release mode with no optimizations. Casting a double to a float in an application compiled in 64-bit release mode with no optimizations can result in unexpected behavior. The value assigned to the float may be completely different from the original double value. It may also result in a stack overflow.
726977 - The sscanf function does not return the appropriate value if the input string contains less items than the specified format string. Rather than indicating that the user has supplied less inputs than required, sscanf returns -1.

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