NI and SystemLink™ software can help you take your lab management to the next level. Learn how in this webinar.

SystemLink Software Products

SystemLink software products manage all aspects of your test operations—from monitoring system health and managing asset utilization to controlling test activity and enriching measurement data for analysis. Its modular product structure offers the flexibility you require without compromising on productivity.

Improve Operational Efficiency, Gain Engineering Insights

SystemLink software eliminates the manual work involved to keep test systems current and healthy. From automating updates to monitoring system health, SystemLink software delivers key information that improves situational awareness and test readiness to help you deliver quality across the product life cycle. With SystemLink software, you ensure that software configurations are accurate and that test equipment complies with calibration and quality standards. By employing an automation and connectivity framework, SystemLink software products bridge the divide between your Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) systems. When test and measurement data from all test systems is aggregated into a centralized data repository, users have real-time access to asset utilization and calibration forecasts as well as test result history, trends, and production metrics data to make proactive decisions about the capital expense, maintenance events, and test or product modifications.

Key Benefits

  • Intelligent Automation—Become proactively aware with remote software updates, device management, system diagnostics, data consolidation, and analysis.


  • Situational Awareness—Gain a better understanding of your test operations with interactive dashboards, configurable alarms, and extensible reports for single sites and across global supply chains.

  • Root-Cause Analysis—Accelerate root-cause identification with engineering-centric user interfaces and analysis tools to find meaningful patterns and correlations.
  • Traceability—Increase audit compliance with automated record-keeping of system status and test data, as well as users associated with key events.
  • Valuable Insights—Gain visibility into manufacturing and engineering test processes with real-time reports and dashboards for KPIs such as utilization, uptime, yield, cycle time, failures, quality, health and defects, taking the guesswork out.

Explore SystemLink Software Products

With a modular architecture, efficiently right size for your needs. Reach the full power of SystemLink software when you use the SystemLink Server with modules and add-ons.

The SystemLink Software Configuration Module enables test organizations to achieve operational excellence with central coordination of test and measurement systems.

The SystemLink TDM DataFinder Module enables test organizations and product validation teams to efficiently manage, search, access, and analyze all measurement data.

The SystemLink Test Module helps manufacturers optimize their test processes to produce the highest quality products for the lowest possible cost of test.

The SystemLink Asset Module improves business performance by empowering test teams to record, track, and control test assets from procurement to disposal in real time.

The SystemLink Server provides data, security, and communication services that enable all SystemLink software applications.

TestStand is test management software that helps you develop, debug, and deploy test systems and provides full visibility into testing process and results.

DIAdem is data management software for measurement data aggregation, inspection, analysis, and reporting.


NI offers four success services to ensure you get the results you need:

  • Self-Evaluation: Online training, technical support, and forum access
  • Start Up Assistance: Basic installation, configuration, and tailored training
  • Pilot Project: Advanced installation, configuration, integration, deployment, and custom training for one workflow at one location
  • Full Solution Implementation: Turnkey deployment and custom training for multiple workflows across multiple departments


NI complements your team with expertise in a multitude of data management practices from workflow design and data management to dashboard development:

  • Analytics Workflow Design: Workflow analysis, data needs and flow assessment, data visualization, best practice sharing
  • Accessibility and Consumption: Identify user flows, data requirements, access control, gap analysis
  • Enterprise Data Modeling: Identify global scope of data, data flow, available sources, data architecture, implementation recommendations
  • Data Transport: Analysis and design of the logical and physical connection points between processes including the management of data in motion
  • Data Ingestion: Data Ingestion: Gap analysis, data engineering, modeling, and ingestion to a common repository or data store in support of required decisioning
  • Dashboard and KPI Development: Develop standard dashboards and visualizations for common KPIs (for example: OEE, asset utilization, yield optimization, Cp, Cpk)
  • Data Modeling and Analytics: Prepare data and build models for correlations, outlier detection, predictive maintenance, and more

Drive your business forward, faster with SystemLink Software.