Single Shot Data Acquisition (SSDAQ) by Sierra Peaks

Many high-energy scientific experiments demand high sampling rates combined with hundreds of simultaneous channels to record short events. Scientists and engineers must collect valuable experimental data during these events, preferably without the need to write code. Standardizing on a common software solution offers: 


  • Reduced development time through a reliable, turnkey approach
  • Minimized program cost by eliminating redundant development efforts 
  • Reuse across distributed sites
  • Support for long-term maintenance 

Solution Overview

  • Capture high-speed data at up to 2.5 GS/s
  • Capture large data sets at up to 250 MS/channel 
  • Maintain tight synchronization (<1 ns) with flexible triggering and setup checks in real time
  • Load and save experiment configurations and link undocked graphs to the experiment desktop 
  • Configure individually named vertical channels and connect multiple clients to multiple servers 


NI Partner Network

Sierra Peaks is an NI Partner Network solutions partner specializing in the design, development, manufacturing, and integration of unique electromechanical systems in the aerospace and energy industries. The company offers expertise in mechanical, electrical, software, and systems engineering.

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