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Legacy: Finding Available Resources in Windows 98/95

If you need to find available resources:

  1. Single-click on the "Computer" itself (it's at the top of the devices list in the Device Manager screen) to highlight it:

    Computer Resources

  2. Click on the Properties button at the bottom of the window. This will bring up the Computer Properties window:

    Interrupt Resources

  3. Find an available resource for either the GPIB board or the other, conflicting device.

    Notice that you can choose to show resources by Interrupt request (IRQ), Input/output (I/O), Direct memory access (DMA), or Memory. Only resources that are currently used by a configured device in Windows 98/95 will appear in the appropriate lists. If a resource is not listed, then it is available.

Other Troubleshooting Tips

  • Windows 98/95 WILL NOT be able to detect AT/ISA bus (i.e., non-plug and play) boards, if they have not been configured properly, using the Add New Hardware wizard in the Control Panel. The user must inform the operating system of such devices, so conflicts may exist due to the inability of Windows 98/95 to detect these boards.

  • If you have no available resources:

      You may need to change the entry in the Setting based on menu ring (on the GPIB board's Properties window, under the Resources tab) to a different basic configuration, in order to disable the use of certain resources. The basic configurations range from a "base I/O address only" setup to various combinations of base I/O address, IRQ, and DMA. (Note: some devices only have one basic configuration.)

      Otherwise, you may need to remove other devices from your computer until the resource conflict is resolved.

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