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NI Sound and Vibration Software

National Instruments sound and vibration software provides a complete software solution for all Audio, Noise and Vibration, and Machine Condition Monitoring applications. Based on an open analysis capability and a flexible measurement library, the NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite and NI Sound and Vibration Toolkit present a unique software-based measurement approach to creating customized applications.

Both software packages include the NI Sound and Vibration Assistant, interactive software for quickly acquiring, analyzing, and logging acoustic and vibration measurements. The Sound and Vibration Assistant introduces an innovative approach to configuring your measurements using intuitive drag-and-drop steps. Combining the functionality of traditional noise and vibration analysis software with the flexibility to customize and automate routines, the Sound and Vibration Assistant can help you streamline your application.

Analysis Software Overview | Software Comparison Chart


Sound and Vibration Analysis
 Sound and Vibration Assistant LabVIEW Analysis VIs
Description With the Sound and Vibration Assistant, you can continually interact with live data to modify analysis settings dynamically while logging data to disk for more analysis later. The software includes support for power spectra, ANSI and IEC octave analysis, sound and vibration level, order tracking, time data recording, Universal File Format (UFF58) file I/O, and report generation. NI LabVIEW analysis VIs are available for noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH); machine condition monitoring; and audio test applications. Express VIs and more than 50 ready-to-run LabVIEW example code bases are also included to shorten time to first measurement. Frequency analysis, transient analysis, and order tracking are among the available functions for developing a custom application in LabVIEW.

Below is a list of functions that come with each software package.

NI Sound and Vibration Software Comparison
 Sound and Vibration ToolkitSound and Vibration Measurement Suite
 Sound and Vibration AssistantLabVIEW Analysis VIsSound and Vibration AssistantLabVIEW Analysis VIs
Interactive analysis--
Code generation--
UFF58 file I/O
Fast Fourier transform (FFT) analysis
Zoom FFT
Subset FFT--
Frequency response function (FRF)
Peak search
Sound level
Vibration level
1/N octave
Weighting filters
Distortion (THD, THD + N, SINAD)
Intermodulation distortion (IMD)
Tone detection
Spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR)
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
Swept sine--
Limit testing
Pink noise --
Shock response spectrum (SRS)--
Short-time Fourier transform (STFT)--
Human Vibration Filters---
Torsional Vibration---
Tachometer processing--
Order power spectrum--
Order tracking--
Order extraction--
Angular resampling---
Envelope detection---
Waterfall plot
Spectral Map--
Bode plot--
Orbit and shaft centerline plot---