Archived: DIAdem 11.1 Bug Fixes

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The following items are changes from DIAdem 11.0 to DIAdem 11.1. If you have a Bug ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.
CAR ID Description


113526 If you enabled the DIAdem 10.1 path behavior in the Compatibility dialog box and then changed the library path, DIAdem then changed the user path accordingly.
131783 When recognizing target channels DIAdem now includes replacement signs for groups and channels. Refer to Name Conventions in the DIAdem help for more information.
155574 The Val function did not convert a string with the NoValue value to NULL.
157756 The DesktopChanged variable now also checks whether the bar definition was changed with the BarManager.
161829 When DIAdem launched with the parameter /S some system files were not transferred. Therefore the program interface displayed at various places question marks instead of the correct symbols.
167172 In the units catalog, decimal places were added to conversion factors that are dependent on the number Pi. Thus the conversion is more accurate.

Data Portal

157188 When DIAdem deleted a channel group, DIAdem sometimes defined a different channel group as the default group.


117765 When a channel was moved, the ChannelGroup property might still have referred to the original channel group.
126769 If DIAdem edited a file with the DataFileHeaderAccess method and deleted a custom property with the RootPropDel method, this custom property still existed later.
140702 If the Open in Explorer context menu was used in the file browser, files could not be opened in the Explorer if a path, for example, contained a comma.
143097 The LoadQuery method of the NAVIGATOR script interface did not display an error message if an error occurred.
147111 In the DataFinder Server Edition and in DIAdem encrypted DataPlugins could not be exported.
149021 If the date/time values were imported in milliseconds in the ASCII Import filter and both second digits had the value 0, it could happen that the date was set to 1/1/0000.
150357 The selective storage of DIAdem DAT files was incorrect if the minimum and the maximum of the channel were the same, and the channel also contained NoValues. In this case DIAdem saved the channel as an implicit channel and all NoValues were lost.


117523 If a Band cursor was played to the end and then was restarted, the distance between the two cursor lines changed.
117726 The display of a 3D model resulted in a shift if a normalization of the channel values was executed with different value ranges of the channels.
118301 If a section of a curve that did not contain values was selected with a Frame cursor, it could happen that not all points were included when flags were set for this section.
121571 A 3D model display was mirrored. A button has been included with which you can specify the rotational direction of the coordinate system.
137895 A curve was sometimes incorrectly displayed if parts of the curve were at the edge of a clipping range.
140917 Using non-existent enumeration terms in the VIEW script interface did not produce an error message.
144007 The attempt to delete sheets with a non-existing index, could lead to a crash.
144246 If channel names were entered manually in the 2D Axis System - Display dialog box, DIAdem did not display these channels before the display was refreshed.
145138 The use of the script interface in DIAdem VIEW could lead to a crash not only to an error message if a parameter was not set.
161812 If only the font was changed in a textbox, DIAdem did not retain the change after the dialog box closed.
162725 If a display dialog box was cancelled, DIAdem sometimes did not display the worksheet before the next refresh.
164051 If values were added or appended to a table, the last row of the block end could not have a value greater than the maximum channel length plus 10 values.


114084 In the dialog box for configuring the rainflow results, the labels LCC and RPC were swapped.
114102 The MatExtremeValues command returned the values-1E300 or 1E300 if the matrix only contained NoValues.
115763 The contour calculation is faster now for data sets that contain many y-values that are identical to the y-maximum or to the y-minimum. The calculation can now also be terminated.
118925 In DIAdem Version 11.1 and later versions, DIAdem no longer inserts a value with the same magnitude but the opposite sign, for the first reversal point of a load-time function, in Rainflow Classification. This behavior deviates from the stipulations of the brochure FVA 0/14, paragraph 1.2.4.
129796 The type of amplitude calculation (FFTAmplType) was not recorded when a order analysis in the frequency range was executed in the recording mode.
138076 In some cases, the optional index channel (FFTIndexChn) was not generated completely in the calculation of several FFTs.
142822 If the data in the 3D displays Surface and Characteristic Diagram was triplet data, a wrong error message was sometimes displayed.
145984 In the Calculator it sometimes happened that text assignments which contained a colon were incorrectly recorded, depending on the selected recording mode.
148665 The FFC and NIC calculation is different to DIAdem 11.0 and earlier versions. DIAdem now uses the cumulative calculation of all peaks according to the EuroNCAP. You can use time at level for a continuous calculation within a peak.
151416 When NoValues were replaced by a different value, the characteristic values of channels that were processed but did not contain NoValues were also changed.
152082 The x-channels of the bottom and the top envelope curve were incorrectly named if the y-input channel contained NoValues.
153367 After an incorrect evaluation of an expression in the Calculator, no further expression could be evaluated.
155177 The THIV calculation might have returned incorrect results.
164937 If an error occurred in a compound classification, DIAdem did not delete the already generated result channels.
167167 The PHD calculation sometimes returned incorrect results.


118295 In 2D-axis systems with mirrored x-axes and y-axes the scaling would change to linear, if the x-axes texts were selected in the layout and deleted with <Del>.
124134 Now you can use the PicPalCtrlHSL variable to specify boundary colors in the global palette.
129531 Empty channels sometimes occurred in curve transformations.
129778 The setting Align subaxis ticks to grid sometimes returned different results when the layout was refreshed.
130139 If the data layer or the graphics layer was disabled a configuration dialog box then opened and this dialog box was then cancelled, DIAdem enabled the data layer or the graphics layer.
137430 Inserting an Excel table into a text object via the clipboard could lead to a crash.
141562 Using the keyboard combination <CTRL+S> to save a report did not function if the target path contained a & character.
146774 If a frame with a shadow was used in a report, the printout and the PDF export was incorrect.
148349 Using the PicPDFExport command to append pages could lead to previously exported pages missing in the PDF document.


117320 The tooltips of variables did not function if the value to be displayed contained XML code.
125069 Opening DIAdem SCRIPT is now faster.
130156 If a vector only contained NoValues when the ArraysToChannels command was used, DIAdem generated a numeric channels with zeros. Now DIAdem generates NoValuesinstead.
131480 The ChnAreaInsert0 command did not function if there was a gap between the channel end and the position where the value was to be inserted.
134544 If the MsgType parameter of the MsgBoxDisp command had the value MsgTypeError, DIAdem did not terminate this script.
135671 The ArraytoChannels command does not support the VT_Decimal data type, which, for example, is provided by ORACLE data bases.
143745 AUT scripts did not generate result channels automatically.
151039 The GraphObjChnClear command only deleted curves but not constants.
154111 An error occurred when a property was generated and filled with a name that contained invalid characters, for example, a digit at the beginning. Invalid characters are now replaced by an underscore.
156641 If you used the GraphSheetMove command to move worksheets and then used the PicPDFExport command to print all worksheets to a PDF file, the alignment of the worksheets was sometimes wrong.
156793 If the display of recent files was disabled in Windows, the SUD Editor sometimes crashed.
157414 The ChnConvertToUnitSet command did not correctly convert the unit of channels that existed multiple times in the channel list.
97604 In the Debug mode the tooltip of a variable did not appear until the cursor moved away from the selection and then moved back over the selection.


115796 ATFX files with "external components" are now supported better.
118712 If you saved a TDMS file on a computer and then loaded the file onto a computer with a different summertime setting, a time offset could occur.
143720 It sometimes happened in the ASAM data service that, if you used a laptop that was connected to a second monitor and you displayed a dialog box on the second monitor, that the dialog box could no longer display once the second monitor was disconnected.
147774 The DIAdem AOP3 DataPlugin for ASAM ODS now also supports Santorin 3.4 Server from the company AVL LIST GMBH.
161278 In the AOP3 DataPlugin the automatic recognition of the server version sometimes resulted in an incorrect search behavior for version 3.2 servers.
164020 If the <> operator was used for text attributes in the ASAM data service, this search condition was ignored by the AOP plugin.


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