mmWave Test with STS Course

The mmWave Test with STS Course familiarizes students with the components, functionality, and purpose of the STS mmWave subsystem.

The mmWave Test with STS Course covers the fundamentals of developing and performing tests for mmWave integrated circuits (ICs) using the mmWave NI Semiconductor Test System (STS).In this course, you will learn how to use the STS to create mmWave waveforms and how to create test programs for mmWave ICs. The course also teaches you how to validate device-under-test (DUT) mmWave behavior. Additionally, you will explore mmWave Instrument APIs.Experience with topics covered in the Test Program Development with STS Course and the Test Code Module Development with STS Course as well as general knowledge of semiconductor test strategies and methods is required for the mmWave Test with STS Course.

Your purchase of the mmWave Test with STS (.NET/C#) course also provides access to the RF IC Test with STS (.NET/C#) course. Go to that course to learn how to generate waveforms for testing different wireless standards and create test programs for DUTs using configurable RF test steps in TestStand.


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