The Results Are In: Get a 4X Advantage With NI Embedded Design


In 2012, NI worked with third-party vendor Wilson Research to survey over 1,000 global NI embedded customers using LabVIEW system design software and reconfigurable I/O (RIO) hardware. The same questions and responses were compared to the annual UBM Survey of Embedded Markets. See some of the results below.

Featured Survey Questions

  • Your Current embedded project team includes how many of the following types of engineers: software engineers, hardware engineers, and firmware engineers?
  • Thinking now about the last embedded project you completed using NI products (no longer in development), how many months did that project take to finish?
  • Was that project completed?



Using the LabVIEW RIO architecture, NI embedded customers:

  • Spend 114 fewer person-months per embedded design project
  • Reduce embedded system design costs by $949,9171 per project
  • Can produce 4 embedded projects for the same R&D budget* as opposed to 1 using traditional custom embedded


What Can You Do With a 4X Advantage?

  • How many more value-added capabilities can you provide to your customers with an additional 114 months of R&D?
  • How much more business can you win by being $950,000 more efficient than your competition?
  • What additional products can you develop with 3 more embedded projects per year with the same R&D budget?


What Other NI Customers Are Doing With Their 4X Advantage


Smart Machine Control

Embedded Control


Energy, Renewables, Electric Power and Smart Grid


Power Conversion, Inverter Control


Oil & Gas


Transportation and Heavy Equipment


Life Sciences


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