Alliance Partner Network: CompactRIO with NI-DAQmx


Come learn about the latest addition to the CompactRIO Controller family with the new CompactRIO with NI-DAQmx line of products. The newest CompactRIO Controller enables connectivity to Time Sensitive Networks (TSN), an update to standard Ethernet, and quicker time to measurement with the leading user-friendly data acquisition API for measurement and control, the NI-DAQmx driver. Migration is feasible from either existing CompactDAQ or CompactRIO controllers with the incorporation of three different programming modes: Real Time (NI-DAQmx), Real Time Scan (IO Variables), and LabVIEW FPGA.

  • Learn about the new CompactRIO with NI-DAQmx controller family and its features for synchronized measurements
  • Understand how developers can choose their programming methodology based on application needs providing the functionality of both CompactDAQ and CompactRIO 
  • Take advantage of the open NI Linux Real-Time  platform to boost security and reliability with native support for Security-Enhanced Linux, and tackle simple and complex control challenges with built-in math and analysis libraries

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For more information visit What is CompactRIO with NI-DAQmx?

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