System Configuration and Assembly

NI provides assembly and installation services as part of its commitment to your success in efficiently designing, developing, and maintaining high-quality measurement and control systems. Shorten time to first measurement by customizing your system with various software installation options, documentation, and easily configured module placement to meet application requirements right out of the box.

Benefits of System Assembly and Installation

Get to Measurements Faster

Reduce startup time and begin working on your application immediately by letting NI perform all installation work and, once delivered, have an NI application engineer walk you through your system.

Manage Risk

NI tests all systems to ensure that a compatible, high-performance system is shipped from the factory every time. By offering legacy software installation, NI helps you standardize and easily replicate your system—avoiding risk from change.

Reduce Cost

Continue standardization efforts and mitigating costs incurred from change by locking in specific NI software revisions. Minimize downtime and gain convenience with advanced replacement and fully assembled return for repair and calibration.

Key Features

System Assembly and Test

NI-trained technicians assemble and test your system to ensure compatibility. Receive a system that is ready to go out of the box and save eight hours or more of your time.

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Selectable Software Installation

Standardize with confidence and experience no-hassle system replication with current or previous versions of NI software such as LabVIEW, the LabVIEW Real-Time Module, the LabVIEW FPGA Module, LabWindows™/CVI, TestStand, and hardware driver software.

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Custom Installation Services

Have unique requirements? NI can install nonstandard hardware and software to deliver a complete system, golden images for deployment applications, and more direct from the factory, as well as meet other custom requirements.

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