NI-RFSG Playback Library Known Issues


This document contains a list of known issues for NI-RFSG Playback Library.

NI-RFSG Playback Library 19.0

ID Known Issue

Loss of precision in sampling rate when complex waveforms are passed as parameters to .NET APIs.

Conversion of sampling interval (dt) from double to PrecisionTimeSpan parameter causes slight loss in resolution of the data.
This leads to precision error when sample rate is calculated as the inverse of the sampling interval obtained from PrecisionTimeSpan parameter.

Impacted APIs: DownloadUserWavform and ReadWaveformFromFile

Workaround: Calculate the actual sample rate as “1/dt” and overwrite the sample rate using the StoreWaveformSampleRate API.

Reported Version: 19.0    Resolved Version: N/A    Added: 08/20/2019



NI-RFSG Playback Library 19.1/3.0/2.5/2.4/2.3.1/2.3:

No known issues.

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