What Are PXI Switches?

PXI Switches facilitate signal routing between instruments and devices or units under test (DUTs and UUTs). Use these products to conduct general functional tests, semiconductor parametric tests, radar tests, high-power fault insertion, and more.

Synchronize with Instruments

Perform hardware handshaking to synchronize a PXI Switch with another PXI instrument (e.g. DMM or RF Analyzer), removing the software overhead and bus latency and providing the fastest test times and highest measurement throughput.

PXI Switch Expansion

Physically combine multiple PXI Switches to create a single, larger switch by either joining the rows/columns of PXI matrices (matrix expansion) or by joining the COMs of PXI multiplexers (multiplexer expansion).

Monitoring Relay Health of PXI Switches

Monitor the relay health of PXI Switches using the Switch Health Center. PXI Switches include advanced features to determine when a relay will reach the end of its lifetime, enabling you to perform predictive maintenance and reduce system downtime.

Configuring a PXI Switch System with Switch Executive

Accelerate development time and simplify maintenance of large or complex automated test systems with Switch Executive, which features graphical and automatic switch route configuration options, intuitive channel aliases, and route groups.

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