5G NR for Wireless Communications

5G New Radio (NR), with new bands, wider bandwidth, and new beamforming technology, presents significant design and test challenges that require powerful tools to accelerate innovation.

The Future of Wireless Communication

The next-generation communications network is about more than fast data rates and greater capacity. It's about the seamless, real-time interaction between humans and billions of intelligent devices. 5G wireless technology promises a rich, reliable, and hyperconnected world. In an effort to encourage innovation, the O-RAN alliance is exploring ways to make 5G networks using white box hardware and standardized interfaces. Get an overview of the O-RAN Front Haul interface and test considerations for it throughout the design cycle.

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Application Resource Kit

Wireless Research Handbook: 4th Edition

Download the latest edition of the Wireless Research Handbook, which includes applications covering:


  • Massive MIMO for Beyond 5G
  • mmWave beam tracking
  • Sensing for autonomous vehicles
  • Precoding for satellite communications