Autonomous Vehicle Simulator

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The Autonomous Vehicle Simulator provides a vehicle simulator and a LabVIEW interface to communicate with the simulator.

The Autonomous Vehicle Simulator is a software add-on for LabVIEW that provides access to, and client interface for, the monoDrive simulator. The client supports three modes: Closed Loop, Replay, and Replay Step. You can use the Closed Loop mode to control a simulated car, the Replay mode to play back saved scenarios, and the Replay Step mode to perform a combination of the Closed Loop and the Replay modes' features. You can also use the add-on to configure sensors, select environment variables such as weather or material properties, and select specific scenarios for testing. The Autonomous Vehicle Simulator is available in editions that support a static scene generator and editor, a dynamic scene generator and editor, cloud storage, and hardware-in-the-loop testing.

Part Number(s): 787276-35 | 787277-35