Using Spreadsheets for Asset and Device Configuration in NI InsightCM™

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With NI InsightCM, users configure asset and device properties in the InsightCM web application. In addition to using the web application, users can also export configurations to spreadsheet for batch editing and simple configuration backup.


Asset and Device Spreadsheets

There are two general types of configuration spreadsheets: Asset and Device. These spreadsheets can be edited and imported for updating multiple asset or device properties. The spreadsheet can be export in any order but must be imported in a specific order due to dependencies between spreadsheets.The spreadsheet import order is:

  1. Cameras Spreadsheet (if 3.1 or later)
  2. Data Sources Spreadsheet
  3. Asset Spreadsheet
  4. Device Spreadsheet

Example Usage

An example use case is that you want to change the File Lengths and Pre-Trigger Lengths for Data Set Collection on all equipment nodes. To do this, you can go to the Device page and export the Asset spreadsheet by using Action Menu > Import/Export > Export Asset Spreadsheet > All Nodes.

Figure 1. Exporting the Asset Spreadsheet

Once the spreadsheet is exported, you can open the spreadsheet, view the OperatingStateProperties sheet, and edit the AcquisitionLength and PreTriggerLength properties for all equipment. After saving the changes, you can then import the updated spreadsheet on the Device Page by using Action Menu > Import/Export > Import Asset Spreadsheet > Select Spreadsheet. After the import completes, the Data Set Collection Settings will be updated.

Figure 2. Editing the Asset Spreadsheet

Note that you can use the InsightCMConsole to export and import these spreadsheets. See Using the NI InsightCM™ Console Application.

The spreadsheets can also be used for maintaining configuration backup or moving configuration between servers. The spreadsheets only maintain configuration data, and do not contain any data. This is the simplest method and will require users to setup any custom Units, Features, etc before importing the configurations on another server. Using spreadsheet for configuration backup is not recommended but will work as a stop gap until a full disk image backup method can be implemented.

The recommended backup method is to do a full disk image of the OS and data drives on the server. This is the best method for recovering if there is an issue with the server. Implementing a backup this is a responsibility of your IT department. 

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