Enable WiFi for NI ELVIS III in European Union (EU) Countries

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WiFi is disabled by default on NI ELVIS III units shipped to customers in the European Union. This guide details how to enable WiFi.

Note: Before following the steps below, follow the steps in Connecting to the Device via Wireless Network. If the Wireless Adapter section is present in the Web Interface or in NI MAX, you do not need to update your NI ELVIS III.


  1. Install the LabVIEW 2018 ELVIS III Toolkit SP1 or later on your host computer.
  2. Format the NI ELVIS III by using Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX):
    Note: Installing the NI ELVIS III Software Bundle automatically installs MAX on your host computer.
    1. In MAX, expand Remote Systems in the configuration tree.
    2. Right-click your NI ELVIS III target and then select Format Disk.
    3. If MAX prompts you to log in, enter admin in User name and leave Password blank if you have not set a new password.
    4. Click Format to start formatting the target. If your target is not in safe mode, select the Attempt to restart into safe mode checkbox, and then click Format.
    5. Click Close to complete the formatting process.
  3. Install the latest software on the target:
    1. Expand your NI ELVIS III target in the configuration tree.
    2. Right-click Software and click Add/Remove Software to launch LabVIEW Real-Time Software Wizard.
    3. Select the latest recommended software set (RSS) and click Next.
    4. Click Next to view a summary of your selection.
    5. Click Next to start installing the software. When the installation completes, the wizard restarts the NI ELVIS III.
    6. Click Finish to close the wizard.
  4. Update the firmware on the NI ELVIS III:
    1. Click the NI ELVIS III target in the configuration tree, and then click the Update Firmware button in the System Settings section. MAX automatically navigates to the latest firmware file for the NI ELVIS III. Firmware files for the NI ELVIS III are named ELVISIII_<version number>.cfg. For example, ELVISIII_6.1.0.cfg.
    2. Select the firmware file and click Open.
    3. Click Begin Update to update the firmware. MAX restarts the NI ELVIS III when the update completes.

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