Teaching Wireless Communications

Bring experiential learning to communications by providing visibility of real-world signals to help students understand abstract theory while preparing them for research and emerging trends like 5G.

Rethinking Wireless Communications Education

By introducing hands-on communications engineering earlier to undergraduate students, you can build experiences that connect the teaching lab to research and industry. Learn how the University of Southampton creates a pipeline of students proficient in Software Defined Radio (SDR) so that graduates can apply engineering knowledge to advanced, cutting edge problems like 5G from day one of their careers.

Featured Content

Put theory into practice with this hands-on teaching strategy.

This set of tutorials provides essential information about analog and digital modulation, I/Q data, RF and microwave specifications, and more.

How to build an FM radio and gain a better understanding of the basics of broadcast FM signals.

Products and Solutions

Introduction to communications courseware
Introduction to Communications

This laboratory guide from Professor Bruce Black of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is perfect for a student’s first experience with wireless systems—from AM to FM and FSK to QPSK.

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