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NI-DAQmx Base and LabVIEW Compatibility for OS X

Visão geral

This page shows supported versions of the NI-DAQmx Base hardware driver with the MacOS operating system. Reference this information to ensure you install the correct version when upgrading or updating your operating system, or when migrating or porting code to a new system. Using incompatible versions may result in errors, the inability for MacOS to recognize or detect and then find a driver for your device, or missing devices.

Note that this article replaces KnowledgeBase 5EPD9162: NI-DAQmx Base and LabVIEW Version Compatibility (for Mac OS X). Some NI manuals may still reference the previous document. If you were redirected from the previous KnowledgeBase URL, please update your bookmarks accordingly.


NI-DAQmx Base versus NI-DAQmx

NI-DAQmx Base offers a subset of NI-DAQmx functionality on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows Mobile, and Windows CE OSs. Application development is simple, using the clean, concise programming interface, programmatic channel and task creation, and tight integration with NI LabVIEW. This driver software includes ready-to-use LabVIEW VIs and C function examples similar to those included in the full-featured NI-DAQmx software.

National Instruments recommends developers creating applications for Windows and Linux-based systems to instead use the full-featured NI-DAQmx distribution.  Click here to learn more about NI-DAQmx compatibility with LabVIEW and Windows.


Note: NI-DAQmx Base is compatible with macOS 10.14 and earlier versions - Check macOS compatibility for all supported versions for this driver. For more information, please read the End-of-Life Announcement for DAQmx Base Driver.


NI-DAQmx Base and LabVIEW Compatibility for OS X

Use this table to compare NI-DAQmx Base and LabVIEW Compatibility for OS X
NI-DAQmx Base Version LabVIEW Version
7.0 7.1 8.0 8.2 8.5 8.6 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

  Compatible through add-on installation

Note: All of the above NI-DAQmx Base drivers also support C API functionality.

Note: Support for LabVIEW 2016/2017 can be added by installing LabVIEW 2016/2017 add-ons included in the NI-DAQmx Base 15.0 download.