NI Vision Builder AI 2015 Bug Fixes

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The following items are the CAR IDs of issues fixed between the release of NI Vision Builder AI 2014 SP1 and NI Vision Builder AI 2015 f2. If you have a CAR ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed. This is not an exhaustive list of issues fixed in the current version of NI Vision Builder AI.

2015 f2 Bug Fixes

The following list describes issues in previous versions of the NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection that are fixed in the 2015 f2 update.

ID Fixed Issue
617482, 629760 On NI CVS-1458RT, IC-3120, and IC-317x Linux Real-Time targets, Ethernet interfaces do not always enumerate with the expected name order upon boot.
608370, 629758 On NI CVS-1458RT, IC-3120, and IC-317x Linux Real-Time targets, communication with the host does not by default get sent out the primary/host Ethernet port if the host and other devices are all connected with link-local addressing (LLA).
626575, 629757 On NI CVS-1458RT, IC-3120, and IC-317x Linux Real-Time targets, devices connected with link-local addressing (LLA) can sometimes obtain duplicate IP addresses upon link negotiation.

2015 f1 Bug Fixes

The following list describes issues in previous versions of the NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection that are fixed in the 2015 f1 update.

ID Fixed Issue
562981 On real-time targets, timestamp metadata from acquired images may have the UTC offset incorrectly applied to them.
572339 You must install Industrial Controller Device Drivers to discover industrial controller targets in LabVIEW projects and to access their shared variables.
576529 Vision Builder AI can sometimes hang when exiting the Calculator step.
577667 Geometry step results may be mismatched when referring to missing measurements from a previous step.
583042 Network drive mounting on Linux RT targets is not successful if /mnt folder does not exist.
587709 The Detect Defects step returns a larger defect area than expected when regions to ignore are added to the template and then later removed.
591218 You cannot set a password for Configuration Interface access.

2015 Bug Fixes

The following list describes issues in previous versions of the NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection that are fixed in the 2015 release.

ID Fixed Issue
353860 In the Calculator step, the AltGr key cannot be used to input symbols into a formula node.
429533 Color calibrated images are converted to monochrome when saved to file.
The Run LabVIEW VI step sometimes shows a dialog to update other steps in cases where it is not needed.
518331 The 1D Barcode step does not handle the Validate option correctly when multiple barcode types are used in a single step. Some types do not support validation.
520201 The Run LabVIEW VI step does not let you set a latched Boolean.
523349 The Read/Write Variables to INI File step can sometimes swap values for variables with similar names.
527484 The Run LabVIEW VI step sometimes does not update references when files have changed on the disk since last load.
538617 Image acquisition timeout received when multiple states in the inspection contain acquisition steps with different window sizes or positions.
541229 The Run LabVIEW VI step does not allow you to use relative paths when the only common portion of the path is the root of the drive.
542652 Inspections do not give a save prompt when migrated between 32-bit and 64-bit instances of Vision Builder AI.
542944 Setting a password on a CVS-1457RT blocks access to the target from 64-bit Vision Builder AI applications.
545859 In the Acquire Image step, the camera name as seen in MAX is not visible when selecting cameras.
549194 After generating LabVIEW VIs with Vision RIO steps, the hardware state is not properly reflected in the Vision RIO test panel.
552394 The transition dialog for a state does not allow you to select a specific numeric value greater than 0 if the dialog was using a previous measurement result as the comparison value.
552682 System images created for Linux RT-based Compact Vision Systems cannot be redeployed to those targets.
552910 The Run LabVIEW VI step does not fail after you rename indicators which are used to set inspection variables.
553921 In the Calculator step, controls placed inside a structure do not correctly pass on their values.
563565 The context help window can get stuck in a state where it fails to close when expected or to update its content.
564701 The system variable Memory Usage reports 0 MB on RT targets.
Extracting part of a calibrated image can return negative areas for particles.
565352 A VI resetting dialog is sometimes shown when closing Vision Builder AI.
568678 The system variable Device Name does not get properly set on Linux RT targets.
568683 Linux RT targets sometimes show inconsistent IP addresses between the Global Variable Manager and the targets' Network Configuration dialog.
568943 Large inspections can sometimes return that an error occurred at an unidentified location.
569019 Custom steps using advanced math cannot run on Linux RT targets.
569425 The NI-DAQmx I/O Test Panel and Monitor cannot set the radix representation (decimal or hexadecimal) of the output port's value.
569638 Keyboard shortcuts which close VI diagram windows can accidentally be used in the Calculator step and Custom Inspection Interface in 64-bit instances of Vision Builder AI.
569658 Some Vision Assistant steps which modify images incorrectly restrict you from changing the ROI in subsequent steps.
570861 Migrating the Run LabVIEW VI step from a previous version of Vision Builder AI returns an error regarding copying files to nonexistent paths.
571282 The FTP server is not available for use on Linux RT targets. To use this feature in Vision Builder AI 2015, you must install a recommended software set for Vision Builder AI to the target from MAX, and select the Legacy FTP Server as an optional add-on.
574248 When modifying execution flow, copies of other steps can unexpectedly replace inspection steps.

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  • Bug ID - When an issue is reported to NI, you may be given this ID or find it on  You may also find IDs posted by NI on the discussion forums or in KnowledgeBase articles.
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