CompactRIO Third-Party Products Complete Overview List


CompactRIO features a powerful heterogeneous computing architecture along with customizable IO using C Series modules in a small, rugged form factor. In order to extend the C Series module offering even further to meet industry specific needs or requirements, the module development kit (MDK) allows third party developers to create custom modules. Below you will find qualified CompactRIO modules with ready-made hardware and driver software.  If your application requires a custom I/O module with unique or specialized signal types, contact one of these suppliers and they will design a module to your exact needs.  Alternatively, the CompactRIO Module Development Kit (NI cRIO-9951) provides the tools needed for designing your own custom module.


Featured Third-Party Modules

Vehicle Design Modules


Sensor Simulation

Video Modules

  • MoviMed AF-1501/1502 15fps Analog Camera for PAL NTSC and SECAM


Prototyping and Starter-kit Modules

  • TangentBlue TB-3001 Prototype Design Module for Creating a Custom NI cRIO C Series Module


Processor Modules

  • Bluetechnix ADI Blackfin 537 Processor Modules
  • Bluetechnix ADI Blackfin 537 with integrated JTAG Debug Processor Modules