Future-Proof ADAS HIL Test for Maximum Reliability

To achieve reliability and safety levels of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) with short time frames and limited budget, engineers are moving towards increased simulation and lab test to run more test cases and scenarios. A unified toolchain designed for interoperability with environmental simulation tools, record and replay systems, and a variety of best-in-class I/O for integrating ADAS sensors streamlines the development of ADAS hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and sensor fusion test system to:


  • Integrate hardware I/O with environmental simulation tools like IPG CarMaker, ANSYS VRXPERIENCE, Vires VTD, Simcenter Prescan by Siemens, or monoDrive
  • Interface with the ADAS controller through multiple I/O and automotive bus signals with tight control over timing and data synchronization
  • Maintain flexibility for future I/O and test requirements as systems continue to add more cameras, radar, LiDAR, and other ADAS sensor types
  • Increase test coverage and reliability by injecting bitstream faults, frame delays, and repeatable object emulation to test radar sensors

ADAS HIL Test Architectures with PXI and VeriStand

  • VeriStand real-time test software integrates with multiple third-party environmental simulation tools, providing you with more options to choose from for your test.
  • PXI technology provides hardware and software faulting capabilities, down to nanosecond synchronization and timing control for a reliable execution of test cases.
  • Modular hardware generates signals to emulate radar objects, camera interfaces, vehicle bus traffic, and general purpose I/O to test sensor fusion on the ADAS controller.
  • Open software paired with PXI performance for timing and streaming enables raw sensor data recording and replay, injection of faults, and faster execution of new test scenarios. 

Solution Advantages

“By placing VeriStand at the heart of the HIL test architecture, we were able to efficiently integrate products from multiple vendors, reuse existing components, and design the flexibility into the system such that we can prepare for future needs. The ease of setting up the whole system enabled us to deliver world-class quality on time and at the right cost with limited resources.”

—Dr. Matthijs Klomp, Technical Expert, Vehicle Dynamics CAE, Volvo

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