DAB/DAB+/DMB Signal Generation Toolkit

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The DAB/DAB+/DMB Signal Generation Toolkit works with PXI Vector Signal Generators to generate DAB, DAB+, and DMB test signals.

The DAB/DAB+/DMB Signal Generation Toolkit is a software add-on that provides a GUI and LabVIEW and C APIs for remote test automation. The add-on provides a European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) standards-based test solution for designing, evaluating, and manufacturing terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (T-DMB) and digital audio broadcasting (DAB) devices. The add-on supports generation of multiple DAB, DAB+, and DMB carriers using a single PXI Vector Signal Generator, and supports transmission modes I, II, III, and IV. You can use the DAB/DAB+/DMB Signal Generation Toolkit to create coded signals from MP2, AAC, or ETI files. Plus, you can use the add-on store generated waveforms and play the waveforms back in real time using the NI-RFSG streaming mode.

Part Number(s): 786463-35