Real-Time and HiL Simulation with ITI SimulationX, NI VeriStand and NI LabVIEW


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This webcast demonstrates the creation and calculation of real-time capable simulation models of electrical vehicles with the tools SimulationX and VeriStand. Two example models designed to run on a real-time target with VeriStand are explained.

The first, easy example model is a PID-controlled hydraulic cylinder. We demonstrate how a ready to use dll-file for VeriStand can be generated with the easy to use Code Export Wizard in SimulationX and how this model dll-file is integrated in VeriStand. After that we describe a more complex example which is a HIL-simulation of a 1:10 RC-Buggy. The multi domain modeling concept of SimulationX is explained with the help of the chassis suspension system (3D-multibody model), the powertrain (1D rotatory model) and the motor together with the battery (electrical models). A FPGA program generated with LabVIEW decodes the remote control signals. 

Finally we show the control and visualization possibilities of VeriStand and SimulationX during real-time simulation.


Webcast contents:

  • Generating and Calculation of real-time capable vehicle models with SimulationX and VeriStand
  • Easy introduction example: model of a PID-controlled hydraulic cylinder
  • More complex HIL-model of a model car (1:10 RC-Buggy)
  • Multi domain modeling possibilities of SimulationX (3D multibody modeling, 1D rotatory modeling, electrical modeling)
  • Easy to use Code Export Wizard provides interface to VeriStand
  • Decoding of the remote control signals with NI 7842R IO-board and LabVIEW FPGA program
  • Real-time model control and visualization with VeriStand and SimulationX

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