Research and Prototype 5G mmWave, 6G Sub-THz Systems

Researchers and scientists working on 5G and 6G wireless systems continue to push the boundaries of frequency and bandwidth to deliver higher data rates and novel applications. Demonstrating real-world research results is critical to prove feasibility of new concepts and technologies, and ultimately enable their commercialization. To gain a deep understanding of signal behavior and performance at challenging mmWave and sub-THz frequencies, researchers require:


  • ​Testbeds to look beyond 5G New Radio 28 and 39 GHz FR2 bands, to 5G-Advanced and 6G networks targeting frequencies up to 300 GHz
  • Channel-sounding experiments to understand signal propagation characteristics under various conditions and develop channel models
  • Physical layer IP prototyping to assess performance of 6G research in over-the-air (OTA) scenarios
  • Flexible, high-performance hardware for real-time prototyping to go beyond simulation to real-world experiments for 6G development and 6G test

Sub-THz, mmWave Transceiver System

  • PXI baseband and IF subsystem includes FPGA modules, high-speed DAC and ADC, and IF/LO module  
  • The NI radio heads provide coverage of 28 and 39 GHz frequency bands, while third-party heads can be used to extend to sub-THz and beyond 
  • Modifiable reference example software offers a starting point for channel-sounding experiments, as well as single carrier and OFDM PHY layer IP prototyping 

Solution Advantages

Watch a Demo of mmWave Transceiver System (MTS)

5G OTA Prototyping at 28 GHz

See how the mmWave Transceiver System enables a real-time communications link between emulated gNB and user equipment, with the flexibility to evaluate new frequency bands, new physical layer IP, or new device designs.

NOFFZ Technologies

NOFFZ Technologies is an NI Partner and an expert in mmWave and wireless technology. With offices in six countries, NOFFZ provides engineering consulting services, system integration, and turnkey system development in RF and wireless applications including research, product validation, and high-volume production test.

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sub-THz, mmWave Transceiver System Brochure

Learn how the sub-THz and mmWave Transceiver System enables two-way communications and channel sounding for 5G and 6G development. The reconfigurable modular platform combines with LabVIEW software to service the continually growing demands of cutting-edge wireless research.