DIAdem Advanced Course Overview

The DIAdem Advanced Course teaches you how to automate common tasks in the DIAdem panels with DIAdem’s standard VBScript commands. You also learn how to customize the DIAdem environment by creating user-defined dialog boxes, user commands and custom menus, which enable you to use DIAdem as the basis for complex applications.

Course Details:

DIAdem Advanced Course Outline

Lesson Overview Topics

Introduction to DIAdem SCRIPT

This lesson explains the functions you use for creating and editing scripts with the editor that is integrated in the DIAdem workspace.

  • Application areas of DIAdem SCRIPT
  • DIAdem SCRIPT workspace
  • DIAdem SCRIPT functions

The VBS Functionality

In this lesson, you will learn the most important aspects of the VBS functionality, including data types and the use of variables, functions, and procedures.

  • General information on VBS
  • Data types
  • Variables
  • Constants
  • Operators
  • Simple input and Output options
  • Control structures in scripts
  • VBS functions
  • Procedures
  • Objects
  • Functionality overview

Working with the Debugger

In this lesson, you will learn how to use the integrated debugger in the editor and the information area in DIAdem SCRIPT.

  • Debugger and information area
  • Debugging errors
  • Handling errors in scripts

Creating and Editing Scripts

This lesson introduces script coding, execution, and scripting tools in DIAdem.

  • Creating a script
  • Script structure
  • Starting and stopping a script
  • Integrating a script in the DIAdem interface
  • Tools for creating scripts

Variables and Commands in Scripts

In this lesson, you will learn about the different types of variables in DIAdem, their value ranges, and the environments in which you use them.

  • DIAdem variables
  • DIAdem commands in scripts
  • Selected DIAdem commands
  • Defining and using user Commands

Dialog Boxes in Scripts

This lesson covers how to use dialog boxes to configure functions, to specify settings, to select properties, and to enter custom settings.

  • Calling standard dialog boxes
  • Creating user dialog boxes
  • VBS in user dialog boxes

Working with DIAdem Panels

In this lesson, you will become familiar with the objects in the various DIAdem panels and how to modify them.

  • Working with DIAdem REPORT
  • Working with DIAdem VIEW
  • Working with internal data
  • Working with DIAdem NAVIGATOR

Customizing DIAdem

In this lesson, you will learn how to customize the functionalities and the user interface.

  • Launching DIAdem with parameters
  • Customizing the DIAdem environment
  • Working with the bar manager

Extended Script Options

This lesson covers how to define a class and to use its objects to access data bases.

  • Working with objects
  • Accessing databases

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