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NI ELVIS II with the Freescale Microcontroller Student Learning Kit (MCU SLK) plug-in board allows students to rapidly design and prototype electronic systems around a variety of 8-, 16- and 32-bit computing platforms from Freescale Semiconductor. NI ELVIS II, with its programmable I/O and tight integration with NI LabVIEW, makes it easy to develop complex embedded applications. With labs available for easy download and other online resources from National Instruments and Freescale, NI ELVIS II combined with the Freescale MCU SLK is an ideal platform for teaching microcontroller design.


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Technical Resources
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NI ELVIS II Guided Tour
Discover more features of NI ELVIS II in this full-length presentation


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Blinking LEDs

Learn how to program the HCS12 flash memory and use the background debugger. You will also learn about the characteristics of an LED and the use of NI ELVIS II's Digital Multimeter and Digital Reader.  View Now.

Intro to Timers

In this timer introductory lab you will learn how the timer system in your microcontroller works and will investigate how to generate time delays.  View Now.

Digital Input and Output

Learn about the parallel input and output capabilities of your microcontroller. This lab will also illustrate basic digital I/O using a program that you develop in CodeWarrior and the NI ELVIS II Digital Writer.  View Now.

Timer Overflow Interrupt

Extend your knowledge of timer overflow and see how it can generate an interrupt. You will also learn about internal timer hardware and write an interrupt service routine (ISR) to handle the timer overflow interrupt.  View Now.

Input Capture / Function Generator

Extend your knowledge of the timer by investigating the input capture features. Learn the hardware involved and also familiarize yourself with the Function Generator Soft Front Panel (SFP) on the NI ELVIS II.  View Now.

HCS12 A/D and Digital I/O

See how easy it is to use Port AD for digital I/O! You will learn what registers are used and you will demonstrate your understanding by designing a program showing the bits in use. You will work with another lab group to see how their demonstration program works.  View Now.

The Bouncing Switch

Learn more about switch bouncing and how to eliminate it using software methods.  View Now.

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Watch this webcast to see how the NI ELVIS II & Freescale MCU SLK work together to improve embedded systems education and speed up application development

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Technical Resources 


Drivers and Updates: NI ELVISmx Software

Freescale Student Learning Kits

Getting Started with the Microcontroller Student Learning Kit Project Board (HCS12) (PDF)

HCS12 Reference Materials

Freescale CodeWarrior Development Tools

Freescale Courseware

PBMCUSLK: Microcontroller Project Board Summary Page

Application Module Specs Comparison Chart (PDF)

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NI ELVIS II Guided Tour 

Watch this step-by-step guided tour to see the NI ELVIS II hardware in detail and learn the areas where it can be applied

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Frequently Asked Questions  

Click here to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the NI ELVIS II and Freescale MCU SLK. This list is being continually updated.

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