NI Vision Development Module 2017 and 2017 SP1 Bug Fixes


The following items are the CAR IDs of issues fixed between the release of NI Vision Development Module 2016 and NI Vision Development Module 2017 SP1. If you have a CAR ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed. This is not an exhaustive list of issues fixed in the current version of NI Vision Development Module.

Vision Development Module 2017

ID Fixed Issue
622833 The QR code C API crashes when the image is incomplete or cut-off.
508131 With certain type of images, geometric pattern matching cannot find the part unless it is looking for 2 matches or the occlusion is greater than 25 degrees.
616143 When Vision Assistant generates code, the order of array elements does not respect the order defined in the array constant. Min Char Size and Acceptance Level are swapped.
580508 Including niimaq.h, nivision.h, and nimaqdx.h headers in the same .c file will result in a compiler error.
413157 When NI License Manager is called from a LabVIEW VI or built application to extend the evaluation period of Vision software products, it cannot contact the necessary remote server.
617250 When a color image is opened in the Vision Assistant OCR/OCV step, the OCR Training Interface can be invoked and the image can be thresholded, but when the character set file is saved, the settings are not applied and the threshold parameters are grayed out.
413948 When using the Vision Acquisition Express VI and the IMAQ Dispose VI with the All Images input set to TRUE, certain processing steps cause error -1074396120 on the second run of the code.
616865 Code generated from the Vision Assistant Acquire Images (Smart Camera) step uses NI-IMAQ when it should be using NI-IMAQdx.
612148 When the Create Destination Image checkbox is enabled from the Select Controls section of the Vision Assistant Express VI, the VI will not pass through errors.
613846 When generating LabVIEW code from the Threshold step, the Sauvola Deviation parameter is not set to the value specified by the user.
631834 The code generated for the Vision Assistant Image Mask step can produce the inverse of the mask defined when configured to create a mask from an image file when you choose to mask pixels that are inside the ROI.
613248 Cannot edit or relearn calibrations at each iteration in the Vision Assistant Image Calibration step.


Vision Development Module 2017 SP1

ID Fixed Issue
667917 IMAQ LV_MatchGeometricPattern_v3 causes LabVIEW 2017 to crash.
655018 Data Matrix decodes wrong symbols under certain lighting conditions.
648887 IMAQ File Write2 takes 10-100 times longer when the angle of rotation of image goes from negative to positive
648634 Applying BCG lookup and calling IMAQ Read QR Code VI causes LabVIEW to crash
636682 Find Pattern 4 VI causes memory leak which can cause LabVIEW to freeze.
661191 IVA Check Coordinate System Valid and IVA Check Coordinate System uses AND array elements instead of OR, recognizes faulty input systems as valid
671212 When called from Vision Assistant, the Template Editor uses different display mapping options than the ones defined in the preferences, sometimes resulting in a black image in the Template Editor.
668990 Vision Assistant 32-bit cannot generate code for LabVIEW 64-bit, if LabVIEW 32-bit is not installed.
668197 The Object Tracking step does not work on binary images, but can still be selected if a binary image is displayed.
653366 The Vision Assistant Pattern Matching step parameter "Pyramid Level" automatically reverts to the Optimal Pyramid Level when editing the step.
644211 In Vision Assistant, the Color Palette of the previous step was overwritten when you changed the palette on a new step and cancel it.

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