Recipients of the NI Academic Research Grant


As a part of our continued investment in academia worldwide, NI invites academic institutions to submit proposals for support in advanced research projects.

Congratulations to all grant recipients!

2018 NI Academic Research Grant Recipients



Research Project Title

Research Application Area

Grant Winner



NOx Emissions from In-cylinder Blending of Biodiesel Automotive Nuszkowski, John University of North Florida United States
Energy Efficient Sensorless Control of Linear Vapor Compressors for Refrigeration Applications Energy Latham, Joseph University of Louisville United States
Coverage Enhancement for mmWave Communications using Passive Reflectors   Communications / RF/ 5G / SDR Ozdemir, Ozgur North Carolina State University United States
Multi-Dimensional Microgrid Synchrophasing utilizing Time Sensitive Network- based real-time communication Cyber Physical Systems / Robotics Barzegaranbaboli, Reza Lamar University United States
Enabling Wideband Compact Full-Duplex Wireless Communications / RF/ 5G / SDR Chen, Tingjun Columbia University United States
Real Time Voltage Sag Analysis Based on S-Transform in LabVIEW Energy Abidin, Ahmad Farid universiti teknologi MARA Malaysia
Platform of MEG-based BCI/BMI/Neurofeedback System Other Oyama, Daisuke Kanazawa Institute of Technology Japan
A Novel Selective Active Noise Control Algorithm to Overcome Practical Implementation Issue Other Shi, Dongyuan Digital Signal Processing Lab Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Optimal Feedback Control of  Shape Memory Alloy Actuated Morphing Wing System Aerospace Abdullah, Ermira Universiti Putra Malaysia Malaysia
Development of a intuitive control interface for neural-prostheses Cyber Physical Systems / Robotics Hope, James The University of Auckland New Zealand
Focused Microwave Hyperthermia for Breast Cancer Treatment with Monitoring Technique based on Compressive Thermoacoustic Imaging Other Wang, Xiong ShanghaiTech University China
Modulated Optimal Model Predictive Control for Variable Speed Gen-Sets Energy Lidozzi, Alessandro ROMA TRE University (C-PED) Italy
Laboratory study of lagoonal environments evolution: control of a tidal wave generation system through NI cRIO 9066 Other Tognin, Davide University of Padova Italy
Implementation and performance assessment of a real-time vehicle mass estimation algorithm as part of the electronic control of an Active Tire Pressure Control system Automotive Mameli, Elia Francesco Politecnico di Torino Italy
Study of Channel Hardening in Wireless Sensor Networks in an Indoor Multi-band Scenario Communications / RF/ 5G / SDR Ghiaasi Hafezi, Golsa Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway
TXT XHIL Studio: An automatic approach to integration testing for critical automotive software Automotive Sini, Jacopo Politecnico di Torino Italy
Measurement and control of a linear electromagnetic actuator driven camless valve train for internal combustion engines Automotive Liang, Kun University of Sussex United Kingdom
New Flatness Measurement Method of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Can for PWM Converter Other Kovács, László University of Pannonia Hungary
Layered Hybrid Decode-Estimate-Forward Relaying Communications / RF/ 5G / SDR Uppal, Momin Lahore University of Management Sciences Pakistan
Reconfigurable Filtered OFDM based LDACS for Air to Ground Communication Aerospace Agrawal, Niharika Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology India
Evaluating Vehicle-To-Anything Communication Performance in Vehicular Urban Interference Networks Communications / RF/ 5G / SDR Blazek, Thomas TU Wien Austria
Experimental Validations on Self Interference Cancelled Non-Orthogonal SEFDM Signals Communications / RF/ 5G / SDR Xu, Tongyang University College London United Kingdom


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