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2000 Annual Report

The Measurement Revolution
The Measurement Revolution is a direct result of the computer revolution that has affected every aspect of our lives. The Measurement Revolution is the story of how the computer has redefined measurement and automation. Since its inception in 1976, National Instruments has revolutionized the way engineers and scientists work by empowering them with the personal computer. NI develops and manufactures hundreds of integrated software and hardware products, which, when combined with standard computers, are used to replace and/or communicate with traditional instruments and to monitor and control processes. NI is also pioneering a new generation of distributed measurement and automation systems by leveraging the computer and the Internet. As a leader in computer-based measurement and automation, NI is dedicated to producing innovative solutions that empower our customers to achieve their goals - faster, better and at a lower cost. Take a look at just a few of our products that are making the Measurement Revolution possible.


  • NI founded.


  • NI announces first product to connect instruments to mini computers.


  • Our first product to connect instruments to IBM PCs


  • LabVIEW starts the computer-based measurement revolution with a revolutionary graphical programming environment for Macintosh users.


  • With plug-in boards, Macintosh users acquire measurement data directly into their computer.
  • LabWindows provides an integrated scientific programming environment for DOS PC users.


  • With plug-in boards, IBM PC users acquire measurement data directly with their PCs.
  • NI hardware and software help PC users control high-end VXI modular instrumentation.


  • NI ships LabVIEW and LabWindows Version 2.0.


  • NI launches Alliance Program to leverage the success of third-party developers and systems integrators.


  • LabVIEW for Windows-based PCs and UNIX Workstations significantly expand opportunities.
  • SCXI signal conditioning expands the types of signals PCs can measure.


  • LabWindows/CVI for Windows enhances scientific programming environment for C/C++ programmers.


  • NI launches Web site, as a natural extension of direct sales model.
  • New generation PCI plug-in boards leverage the latest PC technologies to dramatically boost performance of PC-based data acquisition solutions.


  • ComponentWorks enhances scientific programming environment for the Microsoft Visual Basic language.


  • Lookout software expands market opportunities to include PC-based factory floor automation.
  • BridgeVIEW software brings the power of LabVIEW graphical programming to industrial automation.
  • Powerful new PC plug-in boards and software for PC-based machine vision applications.


  • FieldPoint products lower cost for distributed data collection in rugged factory environments.
  • Powerful new PC plug-in boards and software expand market opportunities to include PC-based motion control.
  • NI creates PXI, an open industry standard for modular PC-based systems, and expands opportunities with complete system solutions.


  • NI forms IVI Foundation to lead the industry in creating new software standards to make interchangeable instruments possible.
  • TestStand, a ready-to-run test executive, leverages the popularity of LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI for high-volume manufacturing.
  • LabVIEW Version 5 features comprehensive, integrated Web capabilities and pioneers a new generation of distributed measurement and automation solutions.


  • enjoys dramatic growth in user traffic and e-commerce as a result of aggressive investment in content, worldwide pricing, online store and business-to-business initiatives.
  • Dell Computers partners with NI to address the growing market for computer-based measurement and automation with Instrumentation Ready PC Workstations.
  • LabVIEW RT expands opportunities to replace dedicated industrial equipment with PC-based systems that deliver constant, reliable operations for mission critical and embedded applications.


  • Internet-ready LabVIEW 6i
  • online store in German
  • Measurement Studio