New High-Performance Microwave Instrumentation

The 26.5 GHz VSA and the 20 GHz signal generator combine the world’s fastest measurement platform (PXI) with best-in-class measurement performance. The 26.5 GHz VSA features 765 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth and industry-leading dynamic range. The 20 GHz signal generator features exceptional tuning time. Together, these instruments solve test applications ranging from radar systems to radio frequency integrated circuits.

Get an overview of the PXIe-5668R vector signal analyzer

Read about optimizing intermodulation distortion measurements

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Take Best-in-Class ACLR Measurements

Watch the PXIe-5668R measure better than 86 dB ACLR performance on a WCDMA signal.

Duration - 4 minutes

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Measuring the On/Off Power Ratio of a Signal Generator in Pulse Modulation Mode

Many signal generators feature a pulse modulation mode that translates an external input into a pulsed RF signal. In this video, learn how to measure the On/Off power ratio of the pulsed signal using an RF signal analyzer in zero span mode.

Duration – 4 minutes

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Measure Harmonics up to 26.5 GHz

Simplify harmonics measurements using the new RFmx measurement API.

Duration - 5 minutes

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Analyze Wideband Signals

Improve pulsed measurement accuracy by acquiring more than 500 MHz of bandwidth in a single acquisition.

Duration - 9 minutes

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