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File System Compatibility with the NI Linux Real-Time OS


This article lists the file systems supported by NI Linux Real-Time OS.



The root file systems on NI Linux Real-Time OS controllers (such as but not limited to cRIO-906x, cRIO-903x, and myRIO) are mounted as a UBIFS virtual file system, but the NI Linux Real-Time OS is also capable of reading and writing to the following file system formats on external USB devices and network shared folders:

  • FAT 16
  • FAT 32
  • ext2
  • ext3
  • ext4 (for Linux Real-Time PXI controllers only)

See Real-Time Controllers and Real-Time Operating Systems Compatibility to find out more information about the OS that get's used on your device. 

Additional Information

Although ext2 and ext3 are supported by the NI Linux Real-Time OS, they are not well-supported on the Windows operating system.  It is recommended that any devices needing to be used with Windows be formatted to the FAT32 file system.