Deploying Multichannel Receivers for SIGINT

Engineers and project leaders responsible for installing and deploying signals intelligence (SIGINT) sensor sites typically need to use multiple narrowband radios for capturing all signals in the surroundings. However, it’s complex to install and maintain multiple radios, especially at remote sensor sites. Using many radios creates a significant volume of data that must be streamed and managed. And as more radios are deployed to cover additional frequency bands, costs escalate. Together with NI Partner Novator Solutions, we offer a solution to:


  • Maximize the likelihood of capturing critical electromagnetic signals

  • Minimize extraneous data processing and storage

  • Reduce the need for scanning and replace traditional narrowband receivers

Hugin 2000 Multichannel Receiver for Communications Intelligence (COMINT)

  • PXI chassis provides synchronization, timing, and peer-to-peer data streaming between FPGA-based instruments. 

Solution Advantages

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Novator Solutions

Novator Solutions develops FPGA-based software defined radio instruments. Offering turnkey channelization, analysis, wideband recording, and RF signal playback solutions, Novator Solutions is an NI Gold Alliance Partner and 2016 NI Alliance Partner of the Year in the EMEIA region.

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