What Is the PXI Analog Input Bundle?

Engineers use the PXI Analog Input Bundle to validate and test electronic devices. Each bundle includes a PXI analog input module in a 5-slot PXI chassis that is controlled through a laptop’s Thunderbolt™ USB-C port, leaving four empty slots for future upgrades.

Why Choose the PXI Analog Input Bundle

PXI Analog Input bundle next to a monitor displaying a signal measured on InstrumentStudio software.

The PXI Analog Input Bundle offers a straightforward way to get started with PXI. With a software-defined analog input module and four slots that can synchronize different instruments, this bundle is ideal for building high-performance, mixed-measurement systems.

Best for:

  • Mixed-signal automated device validation
  • Power and performance validation
  • Accurate, repeatable nanovolt measurements

Choose the Best Bundle for Your Application


Nanovolt-Level Measurements

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PXIe-AI5100 Bundle

  • Flexible resolution between 18 and 24 bits, depending on the sample rate
  • 8 simultaneous differential or 32 single-ended multiplexed analog input channels
  • 2 MS/s/channel maximum sample rate
  • ±0.1 V, ±1 V, ±10 V, and ±15 V analog input voltage range


Recommended Software for the PXI Analog Input Bundle

FlexLogger™ Software


  • No-code data acquisition software
  • Integrated visualization tools for test monitoring
  • Configuration capabilities for mixed-signal measurements and more than 2,000 channels in a single project
  • Alarm functionality to alert about unexpected behavior

Test Workflow Pro


  • Automated repetitive tests using tools for instrument control, communication, data acquisition, and logic
  • Connectivity to the web and test status monitoring from anywhere in the world
  • Test sequencing, data visualization capabilities, and advanced analysis features

Add More Instruments to Your Bundle

4 different PXI instrument modules

Use the remaining four slots to add more analog input modules or other instruments to the same PXI system. Synchronize multiple instruments in the chassis by using hardware-timed triggers over the PXI backplane.

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