RFmx API reduces time to results by abstracting complex RF analysis with a common-measurement centric programing interface.

This video walks through an example of integrating a model, exploring a stimulus profile, manipulating VeriStand elements, and bringing in physical hardware.

Learn how to use Switch Executive to intelligently manage large or complex PXI-based switch systems. Switch Executive features graphical and automatic switch route configuration options, intuitive channel ...

Learn how physically combine multiple PXI switches to create a single, larger switch by either joining the rows/columns of PXI matrices (matrix expansion) or by joining the COMs of PXI multiplexers (multiplexer ...

RFmx Waveform Creator centralizes signal creation for interactive waveform configuration, visualization, and playback.

Functional test is the final check to ensure quality of automotive ECUS throughout their life cycle and to deliver them to market on time. Accelerate quality with NI.

Test engineers must build performance- and cost-optimized systems while developing quickly to meet demanding new product introduction (NPI) schedules.

As IC designs increase in complexity under shrinking schedules, lab users must be more agile and efficient. Accelerate time to market and reduce cost with NI.

Test teams must meet extended test coverage requirements to ensure product quality, while maintaining throughput and operational efficiency to overcome acoustic and audio test challenges.

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