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ADAS HIL Sensor Fusion Test Workbench by Konrad Technologies

The ADAS HIL Sensor Fusion Test Workbench is a configurable, PXI-based sensor and chassis hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) solution for reliable and safe testing of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) functions in a lab environment. Engineers can test combinations of sensors, electronic control units (ECUs), and ADAS/AD algorithms to ensure compliance with standards such as the New Care Assessment Programme (NCAP). The workbench works for radar, camera, lidar, and ultrasonic sensors and connects with most third-party modeling and simulation platforms.


  • Reliably verify the functional performance of ECU hardware and ADAS/AD software as well as sensor package effectiveness in a controlled environment
  • Scale the solution for different sensor packages consisting of multiple radar, lidar, camera, and/or ultrasonic sensors
  • Connect and integrate with NI and/or other third-party HIL platforms
  • Safely implement regression and repeatability tests for ADAS/AD subsystems before drive tests



Solution Overview

  • Combine sensor measurements with object identification for reliable ADAS/AD functional tests in the lab; scale test to production
  • Reconfigure the modular architecture for different sensors and their combinations with connectivity to third-party simulation platforms for open- and closed-loop HIL tests
  • Connect ADAS/AD sensors, subsystems, ECUs, and body and chassis components for component tests
  • Perform total vehicle safety feature performance evaluation in a lab for HIL, driver-in-the-loop, and vehicle-in-the-loop testing before drive tests
NI Partner Network

Konrad Technologies is an NI Partner Network solutions partner specializing in automated test solutions to improve manufacturing operations efficiency in areas such as ADAS sensor assembly, radar and lidar sensor test, ICT, RF, automation, haptics, vision, and acoustics. Konrad Technologies solutions help OEMs shorten time to market and improve quality.

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