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Download NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)
How do I download, upgrade, or downgrade NI's Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)? I need to use it with my hardware or the version I have is corrupted.

SignalExpress 2015 Compatibility With Windows
I have SignalExpress 2015 and want to know what operating systems I can use it on. SignalExpress won't load or won't install on my Windows 10 computer. I can successfully convert a log to a text fileon ...

Reset the Password for PXI/PXIe Controller or RT Desktop Running NI PharLap ETS
I locked the IP configuration on my PXI/PXIe-Controller running NI PharLap ETS in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) and forgot the password. How do I reset it? I cannot add or remove software from ...

SignalExpress 2015 Compatibility with LabVIEW
I am using SignalExpress 2015 and want to know what versions of LabVIEW I can use with this version of SignalExpress? Can I use SignalExpress 2015 with LabVIEW 2016 or 2017?

Configuring the Data Transfer Mechanism (Interrupts or DMA) in DAQmx and Traditional DAQ
I am doing many different operations (analog out, analog input, digital I/O, counter I/O...) and I would like to choose the data transfer mechanism for each. How do I configure which operations use the ...

Current Sourced By the PXI-54xx Arbitrary Waveform Generators
The specifications for the PXI-54xx series of Arbitrary Waveform Generators show maximum output voltages for 50 ohm loads but does not specify how much current is sourced.

Will An Executable Run After Evaluation License Expires?
I'm building an executable with the trial version of LabVIEW I downloaded. Will my executable still run after the 45 day evaluation period?

Error 7 While Deploying LabVIEW Executable with Report Generation Toolkit
When running an executable that uses VIs from the Report Generation Toolkit for Microsoft Office, I get the following error: Error 7 occurred at Get LV Class Default Value. vi Possible reason(s): LabVIEW: ...

No Internet Access When LabVIEW Is Installed
I have enabled the LabVIEW web server from the LabVIEW Options window (Tools » Options). However, after attempting to run a Remote Front Panel or a web service, it does not load in the web browser. When ...

Forgotten Password Recovery or Default Password for NI-roboRIO
I forgot my password I set on the roboRIO I use for the FIRST Robotics Competition, and am now unable to login and access it. How can I reset the device so I can log in again?