Archived: LabVIEW 8.6 Bug Fixes

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The following items are the IDs and titles of a subset of issues fixed between LabVIEW 8.5.1 and LabVIEW 8.6. If you have a CAR ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed. This is not an exhaustive list of issues fixed in the current version of LabVIEW.
ID Legacy ID Fixed Issue
115277 - XY Graph area expands in X direction by changing Y scale range
113915 - LabVIEW crashes when using Insert Into Array to insert two arrays into a 2D array
113881 - Creating a DAQmx task from a LabVIEW project crashes LabVIEW
112820 - File tab on project takes a long time to load when source code control is enabled
112733 - LabVIEW Import Shared Library Wizard Hangs when importing .dll created from an .m file
112554 - Setting HideText to FALSE Hides Selected Text
112477 - VI does not appear to be broken when type-def gets altered
111886 - Mixed signal Graph will not autoscale plot 1tes
110616 - VI Server method "Run VI" has strange behavior if callee VI is reentrant
110597 - Relative Time Stamp function doesn't work properly in LabVIEW 8.5.1
109951 - Problem in complex version of FIR Narrowband Filter VI
109768 - Project with auto-populate folder prompts for save even if no changes are made
109751 - Show constant folding option changes outputs in for loop executing 0 times
109710 - Case structure doesn't work with DBL data type
109709 - Suspend mode can stomp on caller data
109589 - Search Ordered Table returns Inf when searching past bounds
108699 - Error 0 Occured at Project Property Node in LabVIEW 8.5 & 8.5.1
108413 - Compiling customer VI in 8.5.1 drastically increases execution time
107937 - Calling a subVI that calls a subVI with Database Access enabled crashes LabVIEW
107924 - Auto-populating folder allows drag-drop from explorer
107352 - Zip builder fails with error 7 when including application or shared library build spec outputs
106982 - LVOOP Type Propagation problem
106945 - LabVIEW 8.5.1 installer removes some earlier version registry keys, breaking some compatibility
106299 - LabVIEW Class Browser creates incorrect DAQmx System and Device property nodes
105907 - VI Properties does not properly list reason why VI cannot be unlocked
105629 - Convert Panel To Screen Coordinates method not usable while running
105336 - Using ActiveX controls with the create document option crashes LabVIEW
105082 - Unable to close Time Domain Math Express VI after Opening Front Panel
105073 - LabVIEW crash upon opening VI with formula node using while loop and if else statement
104765 - Read Data Express VI of the Storage Palette breaks the Main VI in the Japanese version of LabVIEW 8.5.1
104239 - Global Variable crashes LabVIEW if the controls within it are deleted
103428 - Problems with project if a VI filename contains a '/' character
103297 - Changing a Text Ring control to fixed point representation crashes LabVIEW
103244 - Opening a reference to a simple VI in a project takes 2-4 times as long if the folder containing the VI has ever been expanded
102226 - Format Into String function containing an enum input with an out of range value crashes LabVIEW
101959 - LabVIEW Crash without an error when comparing string constant to a control refnum of a sub-vi
101838 - In MathScript, getfileproperty returns error for multiple channels with identical name
101769 - Write PNG modifies input image without record
101706 - Instructions in Tools>>Options for configuring palette are unclear
101705 - MathScript exist function partially broken
101666 - MathScript exist function returns true for nonexistent variable
101612 - Setting Strings[] property allocates arrays
101579 - MathScript can't accept a fixed-size array input
101516 - Right-click on plot legend crashes Labview
101367 - VI item property can not be pasted in LabVIEW project window if copy/cut/paste library owns the VI
100830 - Multiplot Cursors on Mixed Signal Graph Follows the Tangent of the Signal
100780 - Append VI list of subVIs to; don´t create subVI icons in \temp folder
100643 - LabVIEW crashes with a called-by-reference VI dialog
100626 - Property nodes acting as if they should always ignore errors instead of jumping out early
100519 - Customized Icon Editor causes LabVIEW to hang
100474 - Property nodes do not return values when errors occur inside node in LabVIEW 8.5. but do in 8.2 and prior
100334 - LV 8.5.1 crashes when creating multiplot cursor mixed signal graph
100090 - MathScript 'end' keyword doesn't work inside RHS indexing matrix
100002 - MathScript save command only saves first variable
99838 - LabVIEW Forced to Close When Using In Place Element Structure and Deleting Replace Array Subset
99672 - LabVIEW freezes when ALT key is pressed and menu is disabled
99515 - TDMS Primitive broken in 8.6
99392 - Import DLL Wizard: Tool hangs generating files when Report Generation Toolkit installed
99250 - MathScript can't load .mat file with platform MACI
98880 - Error -1950679035 when there are concurrent Logos XT and Logos connections
98441 - Static VI reference to Dynamic VI returning invalid reference on first call
98282 - VIs in lvlibs cannot be compared using Compare VI Hierarchy Tool
98256 - Right click mouse down events are not fired on disabled controls that are in a group
97975 - Read Measurement File VI doesn't support time columns in TDMS files
97486 - Format Into String gives error "End of file encountered" for some numeric values
97405 - Ctrl+click on a locked VI does not force recompile of the VI unless the diagram is unlocked
97367 - DLL Build Time is Too High for Large Number of Exports
96805 - Libraries contain illegal characters that causes build to fail
95901 - MathScript can't delete row if matrix has more rows than columns
95756 - LabVIEW 8.5 crashes when wire a constant to input refnum of Deny Access VI function.
95442 - Calling External C Code Array Pointer with Size of 2^n Elements Returns Incorrect Results in LabVIEW 8.5
95097 - Building a DLL that has a boolean control on the conn pane results in no type information generated in the DLL
95068 - Unexpected and inconsistent results in Gaussian White
94692 - Histogram VI with misleading help or bad handling of 1 sample
94690 - Labview crashes when you click on an array of clusters that is updating
94378 - Quadrature VI hangs LabVIEW if tolerance <= 0
94228 - LV 8.5 crash when class and project are in the same folder
94190 - Table hangs after carriage return in cell
93912 - VI comparison doesn't report different configuration of "In Range and Coerce" node
92298 4AOEJ5F2 Get Panel Image and Print.VI to HTML Method Cuts Off FP/BD Images
73748 4IAH4TPW Creating an override method fails if parent class VI has short wires
73626 4I3AKG00 MDF prompts for distribution when network installed distribution is not located.
73599 4I7BCEN8 Editing the icon template for my class doesn't prompt to apply that icon to all the VIs in my library if they're in folders
73314 4HU92DP2 Call by ref node does not update when static ref changes
73107 4HK9MDHA Using true-false selector in generated code template cause unnecessary extra copy
72783 4HAEO4N8 Crash opening context help window on Name Control wire when appropriate support isn't installed
72540 4H88KQTD Zher, zher2 cause memory leakage in bigtest on Windows
72281 4GKDGTOR MathScript tsearch returns incorrect result
72175 4GUF2AVI Reshape Array works incorrectly in loop when reshaping array larger than in a previous iteration
71922 4GDGE5F2 Format Into File and Scan From File Functions Cannot Be Dropped with New VI Object Function
71920 4GDB6AP2 SCC provider peforming unexplained server status checks under certain editing operations
71809 4GD9N7SN General Eigen VI returns improper result
71739 4G7F3Q00 Static VI Reference to an instance VI
71699 4GA9HE28 Multirate palette VIs should not be included in LabVIEW 8.5.1
70386 4F89HEP2 Control label of a control reference in a typedef instance doesn't update when typedef is changed
70332 4FCD3VWB VI Hierarchy Window doesn't draw LabVIEW Class VIs correctly
70277 4FD8BN7N Undo crashes Shared Clone VI
70235 4FCC8K1W Broken running VI - failed to reserve dynamic VIs
69847 4F67PKDX MathScript window takes too long to shut down
69811 4EPCHLJ1 Fix icons for three vi.lib LVClass utilities
69760 4EP9D0P2 LabVIEW crashes when reading IsOnConnPane scripting property on a subpanel
69719 4EPFDM03 PolyVIs cannot be disconnected from lvlib if lvlib is missing from the file menu of the poly vi. the option is missing
69693 4EPEBUCS Class won't leave Project Dependencies
69687 4EP8G6V6 Save For Previous on To FXP conversion bullet yields VI that crashes Jupiter/Saturn
69669 4ES8GKM3 Example Finder hardware ID for 9233 is incorrect
69607 4ES3A1IK Options for Printing not as expected
69476 4EM87D5P SaveForPrevious has problem with overridable terminal
69404 4EN98QP2 Autopopulating folder retains path when project saving for previous.
69366 4ELAP9WX ActiveX control could not be loaded in the attached VI
69348 4EM9M120 DSC Shared Variable I/O Control Cannot be Programatically Set to Empty String Constant
69324 4EM9JAOR dgemm returns zero matrix for input matrix of order 2048
69242 4EGF7U5P Incorrect terminal name when "Adapt to source"
69234 4EN8BLDP Call Library Function Node Parameter Deletion Misbehavior
69211 4ELFHRTD Matrix Log should return a warning when the input matrix is singular
69067 4E9E6100 The VI server method ExportVIInterface is returning bad data in some cases
68939 4EBCJU5I User-Defined Functions in DLLs - First DLL build error
68937 4EAFQN5I NonStatic MathScript Code - VI Broken - build Error
68918 4EB988NT Source palette for structures - the source pallete was not displayed for Decoration palletes
68689 4E9A8DP2 Error when trying to configure Seapine Surrond SCM in LabVIEW
68125 4E0ECHE1 Opening multiple files from an LLB does not remember corrected locations of a missing control
68021 4DJBBVXE Check out prompt notification is displayed when "New VI" is created from the file menu of a project in source control
67962 4DJGFK7N Binary MLS is not reentrant but contains state
67818 4DJDT700 Save as rename on project file causes load of all contents and search for missing items
67793 4DJDQT54 Libs incorrectly show up under 'items in mem'
67586 4DD81IP2 Extra dependent files are returned when selecting "Add to Source Control" on a project folder
67313 4DGFH7A6 Resampling VI crashes
67046 4D9A04NT Dynamic Library loading - Unable to find
66985 4D9FRJ5P FXP values not shown when highlight execution is on
66427 4CTFC3NM Logos browse items for boolean variables report them as DBL's instead
66417 4CSD5D6Q Square VI does not return correct value when input is FXP
66150 4CNCKJ9A VIs with lots of chained case structures can take a long time to compile
65990 4CJH76F2 Grown and Constant FB Config Options Are Not Compatible
65890 4CKEQ1F2 Erroneous problem with project with Auto-populate Folders
65846 4CM7PEBD Basic Spectral crashes LabVIEW when opened
65768 4CM36IQE The performance test suite does not take paths which are more than one level hierarchy
65554 4CDG41MX Flatten to XML primitive doesn't work for fixed-point numerics
65378 4CD88JSF MathScript request for xlim, ylim, and zlim functions
65287 4C2B7U54 After rename of conflict, conflict glyph still remains
65213 4BU9JHBQ Some Math VIs are not seen as part of libraries when doing a palette search
65108 4C0EI3FF .NET - The code to display cross link warnings when assemblies have been moved changes the actual path instead of a copy
64993 4BUAM4F2 Breakpoints on Storage VIs Disappear when Moving from LabVIEW 8.2 to 8.5
64938 4BN9PDLN MathScript plot issue; title
64863 4BOD6AN8 Fixed point type can't be wired to case structure selector
64764 4BO7SLN8 Crash casting a double with units to a fixed point number
64759 4BSEJB00 Closing the Dialog (using the X button) that pops up when dropping the Storage VIs Get/Set Properties freezes LabVIEW
64558 4BHD7Q00 Cross-context loading can give you two linkobjs with the same name
64547 4BJCA7N8 Default values of Set Datalog Position aren't working
64525 4BH7MJN8 Attempting to exit LabVIEW while the llb manager is open prompts you to abort running VIs
64486 4BIB6700 Can't use "Remove breakpoints from hierarchy" while running
64484 4BGHLELJ Closing a Project Item Reference to a VI invalidates a downstream Open VI Reference
64423 4BCFMCOI Source Distribution feature does not work for certain modules
64362 4B9A1FBD Possible problem with Open VI Reference and autobuild/VIServer calls in LabVIEW
64327 4BB6KOP2 Merge dialog comes up runable in LabVIEW Full
64271 4B9DO203 VI under an autopopulating folder cannot be added to a library
64265 4B58RS00 LLB Manager can't identify top VI correctly
64247 4BBEDVP2 Linux merge dialog is sized badly
64238 4B98E1MO Compare doesn't report properly change to the Generate Wrappers setting for Call Library Function Node
64225 4B5FEMF2 File/Directory Info Returns Different Values with Wired Output
64174 4ARD3OV2 Inserting Bundle by Name node into class wire behaves differently than cluster
64127 4ARCNQCS Code Interface Node calls show up in Dependencies
64123 4AQ9JNDU Unit_string should not be added to the waveform attributes when read from a tdms file
64086 4AQE6OPW Problems with MathScript Probe and global variables
64077 4APBPOPW You shouldn't be able to probe MathScript nodes if debugging is turned off
64046 4APEMC00 Unload MathScript Compiler code is duplicated
64012 4AHCM2MX Numeric Property page sets VI server properties desired min and max individually
63841 4AID3TG0 Delete from Disk shows "Deletion will result in missing subVI errors." even when the VI has no callers
63723 4ACBHCDX MathScript complex sort() and Sort Complex Numbers VI do not sort tied magnitudes by phase angle
63588 4A6AOTOU MathScript delete function not supported
63488 49TAPLOU MathScript auread function not supported
63486 4A6CK400 "Make top level in LLB" option does not work for project folders App Builder Source Distributions
63463 4A5GK8N8 Can't turn on adapt to entered data on a fixed point (or integer) constant inside a cluster
63196 493ECHK9 Creating a control from the TDMS Write VI leads to a broken wire
63031 48PB7BOU MathScript stepfun function not supported
63010 48BFT8V6 Crash on shutdown when Load Warnings window is open
62996 48OAL61W Browse Relationships - "This VI's Callers" is disabled for Dynamic Dispatch VIs
62935 48GE03OU MathScript: imagesc not supported
62656 477C8NOU MathScript: 'quad' function not supported
62067 43FCOQP2 Showing/Hiding pane label does not cause a doc mod
61761 3ZPGE9PW Creating a variable called 'ctranspose' breaks the ' operator in MathScript
61732 3ZOBGDN8 Shared variable dropped from palette shows 3 errors, none of which seem ideal
61609 3Y5HANMQ Can't use "Remove breakpoints from hierarchy" while running
61604 3Y5BTDTZ Complex Bessel Functions not working correctly in MathScript
61419 3VKBPS1W LabVIEW unable to create modal windows after remote debugging
61008 3L4A65P2 Name of Tree property "Show at Indent Level 0" does not match functionality
60926 3HGADP3Z New dialog doesn't close immediately when new shared variable created
60785 369GOA1W Navigation Window does not save maximized state when closed
60217 4I6CG2VI Open VI Ref does not show search dialog when looking for missing subVIs
60209 4I4EN800 Dynamic VI call in UserMessage Callback in the TestStand LabVIEW UI hangs LabVIEW
60187 4I7AJ100 Using the lvanlys complex IIR filter as against two real IIR filters on a CDB array is slower on some machines
60149 4I49DV00 Call by ref node crashes in some undo then close use cases
60037 4HS4CTGB Build Fails With Error 7 When Destination Label Matches Virtual Folder Structure.
59882 4HLF9B14 Using a feedback node with a sub-array input causes LabVIEW to crash
59861 4HNCIEOR Method Object.FindObject return error if the output is unwired
59712 4HEA1BOR MathScript save can not write data into external data file
59706 4HAGGKBT Incorrect value range of fxp data type
59623 4H5DDLP2 Boolean Array To Number should sign extend when overridden with wider output.
59609 4H3D9P2N Block node caption does not update correctly in Icon View
59547 4H6HORHZ Quotient and Remainder function impropertly coerces to I64 and can return incorrect value
59546 4H6DTUGQ LV-Built DLL's process Win32 messages during startup
59517 4GKB07NQ DBL -> FXP is much slower than DBL -> I32 via Calibration VIs
59426 4GQA4KNO Sweep chart crashes LabVIEW 8.5
59412 4GGDR700 Project Continually asks to save vis even after mass compile.
59377 4GHB01VB Get LabVIEW Class Default Value VI - Unclosed Reference to Owning Application
59370 4GI8I952 LabVIEW crash when replacing graph with chart and creating cursor.
59367 4GGD1EN4 Array Constant scrollbar properties don't work
59325 4GDE5K3A Inplaceness error - cluster copy incremented
59304 4GGE21RJ Cannot force to display trailing zeros for fixed point integer number
59256 4GAFM6SF MathScript needs 'warning' function
59247 4GBEB2V9 Maximum error detection on CLF node causes addressing error when calling a DLL
59244 4G6E5HDX MathScript error() should not return an error if input string is empty.
59242 4GB6DJ0G LabVIEW 8.5 crash with scrollbar on plot legend.
59241 4GB4DMQH Disconnect from type definition causes LabVIEW to crash
59218 4GAED7SF MathScript 'griddata' returns incorrect results with 'cubic' setting
59215 4GBAAV00 VI Server Check Responsiveness method not working properly
59203 4G68QQ6B Locked LabVIEW 8.2 VI's with MathScript Node have broken arrow when opened in LabVIEW 8.5
59190 4G5F293A Wiring not a path to a call library function node produces an error, empty or invalid path does not
59185 4G4D8SD1 XML Scripting does not provide references to wires
59174 4G2AK900 Absolute Time and Relative Time are swapped in the "Format & Precision" Property Page dialog
59158 4G2E9E5D Waveform Attributes in Mixed Signal Graphs
59153 4G49MR1W Square wave off by one point on linux
59076 4FQ967QH Write to single-process shared variable alters error message
59074 4FS8Q3HA Compare ability need to pass in the object refs for comparison
59060 4FS84507 Dependencies show in Project - Files tab view, even when they are deselected
59051 4FQ3RJ00 Project moving files on disk loading crashes LabVIEW
59045 4FJC8JSN Resample returns same result with different anti-aliasing filter setting
59014 4FGDAS00 Adding a class to a library and saving the library doesn't prompt for saving the class
59006 4FF1BL00 LabVIEW class control update
59000 4FEE09U4 Project shows incorrect dependencies
58990 4FJA4UAP Find VIs on Disk will find but cannot open classes
58989 4FJA3IAP Getting Started Window may not show proper conflict resolution dialogs
58964 4FI1M6IZ When a frame decoration is in front of controls, CPU usage increases
58950 4FE4DE7U Inconsistent 1077 errors when plotting data on a Waveform Graph in a SubVI
58938 4FBCICNK Call Library Function with String arg and Minimum Size causes incorrect String
58934 4FDI8JXE Run (provider) client menu item is not enabled in Tools>>Source Control
58932 4FD9PU5I Printing Page UI Testing - Unable to find "Standard Printing" and "Bitmap Printing" in the Printing page options
58920 4FBBHU00 NI-TDMS cdfs should contain different versions as the dlls change from release-to-release
58903 4FCGDHE9 Graphing DSTEP in MathScript
58894 4FC8E0D Error when building DLL with a Waveform
58874 4FCCC000 Crash when a VI is both called by a member of a LabVIEW class and calls another member of the same class
58858 4FB9PJ54 Maximized private data ctls flash up and cause trouble
58854 4EUGF326 No IP record in summary message appears
58850 4EUFQ954 Need to compile after load in separate context.
58848 4F5HD99A Open/Create/Replace does not show confirmation message when "replace or create with confirmation" is selected
58846 4F4AIRNK Matrix Condition Number saturates to inf at low numbers
58840 4F4K00RB Matrix Determinant VI returns non 0 for matrices where it should be 0
58819 4F1EIJTM MathScript feval doesn't find functions in search path directories
58814 4F58QJF7 VI containing 845x reference opened from LabVIEW 8.5 project crashes LabVIEW
58806 4EUGI2HE Rendezvs and Semaphore appear in dependencies list
58803 4F4DMDJ1 LabVIEW crashes when creating a control of LVClass Refnum type
58801 4EO8NNHA Crash On RT because of some LabVIEW callback problems
58797 4EPGF8E0 Coercion dot dissappears when view style changes from ExpressVI to 32X32 Icon
58795 4EO823HO TDMS VIs do not free file reference if file open fails due to an error
58764 4EUC1P0D Call Library Node Instance Data Pointer
58748 4EOCM768 VRML file not loaded with wrong positions
58734 4ELES2FN LabVIEW classes orphaned in certain cases during application build
58722 4EGCS1E1 Mixing RefnumTags and Refnums in a class doesn't work
58716 4EMGA8OR Evalc does not work in MathScript Node
58701 4EH9GLS0 Logos initialization code throws exceptions but is not exception safe; leads to crashes
58694 4EL96U5C 3D Graph XControl uses NaN as the count for a for loop and, naturally ,runs out of memory
58689 4EL8P3J1 Reentrant clones do not unload when their front panels are closed
58687 4EM8MQZU Crash in Logos XT PSP Server if a variables buffer is too small to hold a single value
58660 4EG0UKD4 The dll Import Wizard Will Not Complete With Certain Dlls
58650 4EE8N99Z Shared Variables nodes always cause problem on load/patch
58644 4E9DE968 Run When Opened build spec option does not save properly in LabVIEW 8.5
58633 4EF0A91G Manual Deletion of Class from LabVIEW 8.5 Project Does Not Completely Remove Class from Project
58621 4EFEKT9Z Shared variable loses linkage when upgrading from 8.5 with no project
58617 4E9BLU5M Waveform Graph Plot Area does not resize when changing axis visibility
58612 4E8C8H9A Changing icon of a library whose member VIs are all contained in virtual folders inside the lib does not prompt to apply lib overlay
58605 4E8OP6Y Get/set unmodified function keys as runtime menu shortcut test - VI broken since it cannot find required subVIs
58600 4E3F15J1 Poly VIs on the block diagram of dynamic dispatch VIs do not count as connecting dynamic input to dynamic output
58588 4E4DNA0D Advanced report generation has some VIs off the palette
58583 4E2C8KUZ The LabVIEW Storage Express VIs have input and outputs named the same
58582 4E87RIVI VI Server - Open App Ref can hang even if passing in a timeout
58571 4E3E560D Palette API Item Path type problems
58565 4E2EGCXE Cannot find - "Plot Images- Read .vi" at the specified location.
58560 4E3GITXE There are duplicate copies of "RT Analysis Workspace.lvproj " in NI Example Finder
58548 4E78KBXE Split Signals function does properly generate output terminals when manually expanded
58538 4DRDR89A Built app that has an instance VI calling a call dll node is broken when run; appbuilder completely misses nested instance VIs non VI dependencies
58524 4E19S6TQ Save for Previous crashes LabVIEW on a VI containing strict typedef XY graph or XY Graph Reference
58515 4DR8EBMX VIs in lvclass are not loaded on second drop of a control of the class data type.
58490 4DJF4KGK Crash when triggering autowiring of a feedback node to another node
58482 4DNLAPAH LV Crashes when Displaying Error Dialog
58466 4DIH22RJ Copying a Shift Register on a Timed Loop Using a Ctrl Mouse Drag crashes LabVIEW
58465 4DOE59VI Crash when loading ODF Editor.lvproj in LabVIEW 8.5
58421 4DDFRIF3 Hyperlinks of hardware requirements in example finder do not work for several devices
58402 4DI8LUP2 Error 8 when building an app when using a custom ini file that has a LabVIEW section.
58399 4DCCLJ00 Problem when dragging non-LV file from project tree onto front panel path control
58392 4DHD4PV6 Renaming VI to name of deleted VI under Dependencies partially updates project
58373 4DGBENWX Save as on a class - unable to rename Rename3.lvclass back into Rename2.lvclass
58363 4DC89TAQ LabVIEW crash if you change a numerical representation in a cluster in the customize view
58322 4DA6AGI LabVIEW crashes when creates a indicator from a LabVIEW Object Reference
58312 4D3KLC68 Waveform Chart X-Scale Marker displays incorrectly with Absolute Time
58292 4D48KR00 Details of unsuccess application building .exe too imprecise
58289 4D48JF00 Source Files under Application Builder don't get updated correctly when added and then removed from the "Always Included" pane
58284 4CU3EIU1 Host Interface Read/Write Control is not listing all Controls
58269 4CUDFPYZ Dragging LabVIEW Objects from one project to another crashes LabVIEW
58228 4CL9AQX3 LabVIEW should look for both the new and old IVI interface
58217 4CJ9C4P2 Version Filetype for LabVIEW built DLL's is set incorrectly.
58201 4CJ8MM5M LabVIEW 8.5 Shared Library does not display Include Paths
58193 4CK915TZ Mac OS X System Sliders get bigger ever time a VI is saved
58189 4CKHLL00 LabVIEW crashes when dragging a VI icon over certain items
58185 4CLA8LN8 Save For Previous should be disabled without the diagram password
58181 4CK75NP2 Default language on app builder Run-Time Language page is English on Chinese OS.
58180 4CK6IGP2 Default Language setting does not update when "Support all languages" is selected in app builder.
58160 4CEB53P2 Local variables lose their names when linked terminal set to "Adapt to source"
58156 4CG6T9AF Crash dragging anything from file view into a project
58120 4C9DKJA3 Minimum size of structure is too large with long cluster names
58086 4C172NVI VI Ref property from "subVI" class needs context help
58079 4C171MVI Skip Sub Routine Call property from "subVI" class needs context help
58049 4C58OHP2 Source Files and Source File Settings trees don't scroll back to the top when all items are closed.
58043 4C58HH4I LabVIEW crashes if I try to drop a New VI object of type Cancel Button with the owner as the "Motion resource" control.
58041 4C1A37J1 Bug when dragging .lvclass from project tree to path control
58029 4BNA4PP2 Files in folders that apply "Include if referenced" inclusion show up greyed out in Source Files page.
58004 4BNGBBZU Logos XT: No k_DISCONNECTED notification if a connection attempt is rejected by the server
58000 4BPH6SM0 Resize VI Merge
57999 4BO94JN8 Properties page for elements of waveform let you change it to unsupported types, causing crash
57993 4BP7CTP2 Selecting Run on a build spec that was saved one one OS but opened in another displays a warning dialog.
57984 4BQ9C4OR MathScript error in setting color for multiple lines
57983 4BQ9AUWJ Read Event Data Example doesn't work
57937 4BJ9D7J1 Double clicking on LLB Manager to open a VI doesn't bring VI to the front if VI already open
57934 4BHA29P2 App builder UI preview takes a very long time to display large set of output.
57915 4BFD8LZU Logos XT needs to provide an explicit disconnect method on a socket
57905 4BJC6H00 Default object is copied when inplace structure is used.
57900 4BMBPN6M The front object is clipping in reference to the camera.
57893 4BFAT6O5 Error 53 Get File When Used in an Executable
57870 4B56C400 Coercion dot behavior change with compare primitive.
57863 4B91BLMD Feedback node initialize terminal moves when using arrow keys for positioning in a Timed Loop
57859 4BBDNE00 Print Report prints only 1 copy regardless user input
57848 4BA9J5P2 No error is returned when trying to programmatically build a non Source Dist build spec in base, full LabVIEW
57838 4BC9FU00 DB Variant to Data returns stale data
57836 4BB7PL2J MathScript 'hold' not recognized by freqz
57835 4BB7MS00 Typedef array or numeric and numeric do not match for drag and drop
57804 4BBEHGC3 DAbort in debug build only, when dragging VI from dependencies to my computer
57802 4B5FNJ89 Compare VI and VI Hierarchies do not recognize differences in initialized controls within a cluster
57780 4B1916BW DLL Wizard: update doesn't remember VI names
57757 4B0DSJWQ Found non-reentrant VIs in waveform "FFT Power Spectrum for 1" hierarchy
57735 4AICTBP2 Certain text makes the Three Button Dialog look bad.
57726 4AJ9FBP2 Integer word length coercion is not corrrect in numeric property page
57706 4AL8TT2N Feedback Node appears as 4 objects on the block diagram
57703 4AHACSQ6 In Place Element Structure: border nodes overlap when created by right-clicking the top border
57690 4AKCNPJ1 When LVClass/Variant DDO contains missing LVClass data, control is not grayed out
57687 4AI9S8P2 Adding many files in the app builder source files page takes a long time.
57686 4AK5T56I Path controls don't open to folder it expects
57675 4ADBP7OU MathScript command input field does not show up correctly on startup sometimes
57667 4ACDJHP2 Adding a control or polyVI that is in a libray as Always Included, does not distribute the owning library
57660 4AED61V6 Saving a project VI with changed dependencies does not docmod project
57656 4ABDS4E9 LabVIEW 8.5 French - Problem in find project item dialog with low resolution
57648 4AEFTMGA Crash on callisto
57638 4AE1UK91 Converting LLB To Directory That Contains a VI with Japanese Name Causes Error 1
57634 4AA93O00 Import web service tool invalid path names
57629 4AEDFE00 Trying to save for previous on a VI currently in vi.lib does nothing and gives no error
57623 4AC6DA2J MathScript polystab is slow
57610 4A4AFPQ6 Build path displayed in build status dialog does not match output directories in AB UI Load Previous test.
57609 4A0APG00 Use vi.lib/AdvancedString/Path To Command
57543 49N98KS0 variable label doesn't update after renaming
57522 49F8C1J1 Cluster to Array prim doesn't seem to handle LVClasses intelligently
57516 490AGUDE No Rename option on Project root item
57443 48NGJ7XX Pasting array contents on front panel deletes all other elements
57431 48N74H1G Need a "VI Hierarchy window" for MathScript
57417 48MFOI00 Determine whether we still need to deploy TypeDesc attribute
57408 48JGN12K "Include SubVIs" checkbox doesn't include dynamic subVIs.
57380 484FF8FN Vista UI - Create a new probe Dialog
57344 47SCI7GO Type name change on bundler/unbundler does not cause auto-grow
57304 47MFBMN8 Output configuration of nodes and the waveform datatype
57288 47E9AHZU Logos XT should return an error with the k_DISCONNECTED status
57183 46BB6D00 Unflatten XML slowdown
57172 46C8L5VX Software triggering with hysteresis doesn't work in signal express.
57168 467E11XC New additions to Application:TargetOS property could adversly affect App Builder
57165 46DGB0I0 Remote Panels and VLM Cause Undesired Behavior
57133 45U8NU9Z User gets no indication that the Variable could not resolve the alias and has fallen back on the "last known" IP address
57123 45U7DRVR Single Plot cursor on Digital Waveform Graph crashes LabVIEW
57116 460DNKIJ Matrix gives inconsistent results on Windows vs RT
57108 45OADI0S Dragging over 30 shared variables and dropping them on a front panel can't be accomplished successfully
57106 45O8LAP2 Cancelling removal of missing class file from project results in dialog calling project corrupt.
57100 45GB9KV9 Variable reference is destroyed too early when a variable in a subVI is called from multiple hierarchies
57016 44DLSS7Q Major grids disappear on waveform graph
56999 444F09MQ User sees search dialog instead of error after giving bad DLL to CLN
56987 43S3M57U Waveform Chart Control Probe No Longer Works For All Data Types
56958 4388O1FI Using a higher count of Shared Variables in a VI makes the VI respond very slow during development.
56927 42MDRSX6 Shared Varibles disappear on the block diagram
56875 41Q7I1AB Behavior when opening read/write and read-only sesssions on same TDMS file depends on order
56839 40THMI99 Waveform Graph Custom Probe Only Works For DBL Data
56776 3ZJFNHHA Need better error reporting if PDF file is not installed
56738 3YSA44BW Compare VIs doesn't report VI path link changes
56681 3YC9T09O Remove breakpoints from heirarchy does not work for subVI's from library
56647 3Y0H7C9A Wiring from SNode diagram to SNode's containing diagram, setting tack point, and wiring back to snode behaves differently in 8.1 than in 7.1
56641 3XUC9E00 Memory Usage window incorrectly reports subarrays as fully allocated arrays
56637 3XOEOS2K Custom Probes can cause recursion; need same behavior as regular custom probes
56580 3WICRJSQ Single Process Shared Variable VI Saved At Project Level, Regardless of Owning Library Location.
56574 3WBH00J1 Compare primitives (other than = and !=) don't work with LVClasses
56544 3W3ESOC3 Need to not use absolute addressing of LVClass gencode
56491 3V7F0FRS AppBuilder <Not A Path> doesn't allow user to type into it
56285 3P6GLMBW The NI-488-errors.txt file not being installed on Mac & Windows.
56166 3KDFUL00 Cannot build a dll with LabVIEW App Builder if LabVIEW is installed to a path containing multibyte characters
56134 3J7A8IJ1 Variable terminal spanning the whole node causes wiring issues
56077 3HGGQE3O No list of properties when creating a property node for a splitter bar
56026 3CTG0CEO Create a variable from a right click option on a wire
55807 2U9G8M00 ConnectorTM not updated when caption is deleted.
55799 2VHDQKJ1 If probe is open with unsaved changes, using that probe discards changes without asking
55776 2RDBPUXC Report Generation VIs aren't the same between Windows and Mac
55550 4I5GC9KU IConfig::browseNode strips single-quotes from some tag names
55529 4HUEHCD5 Weight of curve fitting can't be changed in C code
55476 4HL7CE00 Please fix Queue Stack - example programs for issues introduced in LabVIEW 8.6.
55409 4GK9ESXX LabVIEW Crashes After Modifying Cursor Value in Corrupt Waveform Graph
55281 4FC6TLHO Front Panel of nested subpanel control not accessable in LabVIEW 8.5
55274 4F12PAWQ LabVIEW crash - right-click on timed loop in text or tree palette format mode
55270 4F0ETBPW MathScript UDFs have inconsistent case-sensitivity
55242 4EB6HMP2 LabVIEW crashes when deleting an item from a class after it was removed from source control.
55228 4E89QTN8 Crash setting Index Count property on Index Array node inside flat sequence
55216 4DGGKPQU Invalid Variable Inputs with Formula Waveform VI in LabVIEW 8.5
55209 4DADILSG IO Control interface does not call into GetIOControlRtClickMenuItems from a built LabVIEW executable
55080 4AIBG43Z Annoying dialogs output on Cancel from password prompt
55075 4AO9EFTD IO Assistant support being installed to LabVIEW 7.1 even when LabVIEW 7.1 not installed
55055 4A3EDUNB Open Front Panel option should not be available on Black Box Code gen VI
54966 44C83BW0 Mouse Down Event for Right Click doesnt work on disabled controls, if VI is used in a SubPanel
54954 43CFE91J Mac OS X Creates Incorrect File Permissions After Install
54949 42A9TBN8 Stack overflow doing "Create SubVI" (reproduces in LabVIEW 4.0.1)
54887 3VEGNI77 "Refnum-free" property nodes leak refnums
54840 3NPFG683 Fixed size arrays do not work with VI server variant get/set control value.
54724 4HU8LQTD Sylvester Eqs and Lyapunov Eqs cause memory leakage in LV8.5.1.
54702 4HDA3J00 Block node caption does not update correctly in Icon View
54693 4HFD291G Upgrade codes for help installers conflict
54662 4GUF1QGS Forcing class private data to include Xcontrol Refnum crashes LabVIEW
54661 4GDCRETD The Spline Interpolation 1D VI should use the derivatives of initial boundary when the initial boundary is 2nd derivative.
54641 4G6EG79Z Duplicate PersistentIDs for Variables in .lvproj file
54637 4GB87JP2 BlockNode Express VIs drop with empty diagrams
54613 4FJFQOI5 Linking issues in project explorer using an .lvlib library
54603 4FJDRUGO Marked As Modifier option not undone after undo operation.
54585 4F5AC8TD Hermite Interpolation 1D VI gives uncoherent results with its help. Compatibility issue with the size of X.
54578 4ETDPSTD 2D Interpolation VI gives unreasonable results when the inputs sizes don't match.
54483 4C1867N8 Variant to Data outputing different data the first time its run vs. subsequent runs
54473 4BPF7DWN DataSocket will not load on Mac if drivers are not installed
54457 4BAAOMVI Simplify C Interface package file
54435 4AHFTU00 convert to subvi doesn't work on new express vis
54405 49E1UPQK LV Stand Alone application crashes when inserting VI as a subpanel that is also called statically
54388 4918MPRS Save for Previous - Lousy error message for S4P if VI belongs to a password protected library
54132 3IDFD9BQ Should LVM files be dependant on decimal separator?
54015 4ILA1IVI Modal Class Browser initializes to wrong class for strict VI references
53875 4IBAFKXX LabVIEW 8.5.1 RT Palette Crash - Load When Needed
53725 4HSCRIHL Redraw the function block merge VIs
53626 4HEC2D00 Failure to load .NET assemblies produces unhelpful error message that makes debugging difficult.
53604 4HACQ408 Update Help button links for dialog boxes from Express VI Development Toolkit
53594 4HFHDNO2 Function palette search on new target VI crashes LV
53542 4H7CN59A Can create a non-locked down copy of an eval licensed VI via new from template mechanism
53524 4GRFEIXE Dynamically calling a VI that calls a .NET assembly throws error 7
53509 4GK9P66Q Express utility VI does not handle Ring values correctly
53488 4GUGS2DK Create Data Link not active if Getting Started Window is open
53481 4GL5DL15 Fixed-size array information lost from indexed for loop when adding a primitive to signal path
53477 4GKBRNOQ Call VI node is not migrated from LabVIEW 7.X to 8.5.x stack
53421 4G9A4D00 TDMS Read causes memory leak when used with strings
53405 4G6DSRDX MathScript UDF with no input parameter fails
53386 4G51T2U1 VI saved without diagram breaks when it contains .NET reference
53312 4FTBMM00 Strict static VI reference and execution state issue
53304 4FEFIT5I Report Express VI functional test in Linux - Generated Report does not match with the original
53301 4FJ7BP00 LabVIEW crashes if loading a MathScript implementation VI fails for any reason
53267 4FFB1100 Intensity Graph data corruption
53184 4F6CLLN8 VI ends up with odd name when reverting changes of a VI with a missing subVI
53130 4EM7J8WQ Loading 8.2 Formula Express VI in 8.5 can give wrong result with integer-only inputs
53104 4EHCI57Z Search aborted box keeps popping up
53103 4EH802WI Error building Source Distribution when LabVIEW is installed in a different location
53094 4EBG02DT Broken VI error when building executable that uses target-relative shared variables
53072 4E3FECJ1 When saving a copy of a VI and adding the duplicate to the original library, scope is not preserved
53040 4E0DODF2 Erroneous Broken Wire with In Place Element Structure and Uninitialized Shift Register
53001 4DP8SGOF Adding a VI that Uses a .NET Assembly to a LabVIEW Project Breaks the VI in LabVIEW 8.5
52969 4DGEDC2N We should only generate helpDB dictionaries for components that we know are localized
52903 4D4MGTGI Internal Error happens when showing the "Change Inheritance" page for AB_DLL.lvclass
52877 4CRBUMOR MathScript function gensig does not generate signal with same cycle
52859 4CR9OHOR MathScript impz add redundant zeroes for FIR filter
52790 4C2BAJFF LabVIEW completely fails to load an assembly if a dependant assembly isn't found.
52784 4BUEM5YT Open Datasocket primitive crashes if subVI is invoked dynamically (using Call By Ref or LabVIEW class dynamic dispatching)
52707 4BT8BKU7 NI Example Finder- LVOOP Examples (.lvproj examples) descriptions are not localized
52651 4BI9SC00 Poly instances with different output terminals have strange drawing behavior
52649 4BJ81LN8 Error for target relative shared variable is incorrect
52628 4BFG7RFN MVE isn't properly flushing posted DeferredActionEvents
52621 4BGE7OM8 User inputted timestamp ranges in the LabVIEW property nodes is not saving
52608 4BFF38SF VI doesn't appear broken after .m file is deleted
52515 4B42I5I Read DAQmx properties & TDM user defined Properties from TDMS test fails
52415 4ASAQPU9 Updating a global variable through the node will not update its view from the window
52403 4APET600 Errors with LabVIEW Class constant of a class that is missing
52397 4APAO4LG SE 2.5: Help button is not linked with help in: Record Options->Start Condition -> Set Time and date
52383 4AHD4SX6 Error 1017: Can not build EXE in project with single-process shared variables
52284 4AH953QO We can't load .NET assemblies which reference missing unused assemblies
52215 4A7BBIRM Problems with variable-related VIs on MAC
52065 4A09C100 User can abort Details Display Dialog (from Simple/General Error Handler) using ctrl + period
52042 49TAM8OU MathScript specgram not supported
51862 49GE2P00 Built app (RTE) can't load a class with polyVIs included
51844 48TF5Q54 Single element relative paths need to display better in load warning dialog
51828 48QKJV9A Closing a library only project sometimes gives save/defer decision when it should give save/don't save
51789 496H2J00 Frontmost property of VI incorrect when floating window is open.
51722 48NAH8U1 Numeric Control: Format String functionality shows odd behavior when attempting to increment (displays NaN)
51686 48MC17P2 SCCGetRequiredFiles does not return files inside of a library.
51492 481EAMMQ Update NTS et al. binaries/includes for the Linux build
51313 478FEEM9 Vista UI issue in "Rearrange Pages" dialog
51259 478EAS5L MCL Adapt to Type -- Selection is Wrong
51190 477CC55M insanity in knob control
50962 46LENBC3 RC Linker Test failed
50741 4688TNRM is broken on MAC
50739 467BNIMQ Timed Loop crashes LabVIEW in Linux
50639 45UFF3KY Loading thousands of variable in the project takes a long time
50392 44BE1JKQ About_App runtime menu appears differently in executable
50327 4436ATN3 To More Specific Class to an XControl does not work in built applications.
50256 43Q96C00 LabVIEW generates empty INI files on Windows if no INI file currently exists
50203 43C928FC Example VI \ overlapping text
50196 43DGP8FC Example VI Add Files to text overlapping.
50191 439F4DFC Example VI Open Tree text overlapping on FP.
50189 439EIGFC Example VI Date Server overlapping text on FP.
50182 439BFJFC Example VI E-Mail notification: overlapping text on front panel.
50176 43D8GSVQ NI_3D Picture Control.lvlib:Find should be able to handle not finding the specified object
49769 40OD22FN Strange behavior on Ctrl+Double-click on Tree control, event structure
49753 40M9C8N8 private data control is "hung" if opened from VI hierarchy window after flattening a class to a variant
49583 3ZJF84YR Pasting/typing a directory path into path control then immediately clicking browse takes you to different directory
49429 3YRBD700 Dynamic class VIs don't appear in VI hierarchy
49355 3YLB3DDX Instance vis can be reported bad in mass compile log
48735 3V9ANMFN Variable Rename test: renaming variable not detected unless VI loaded into memory
48723 3VDFPPN8 Error from Variable refers to "global variable"
48143 3PQF4B00 NI ACL Configuration Dialog has no help file
47881 3O294AZU Tagger logs redundant data points whenever an external Logos client connects to or disconnects from a Variable's source I/O Server data item
47618 3KRAE05G Dropping an image display control as a strict typedef gives a DAssert
47012 38RFJQXX LabVIEW does not refresh well when Express VI is reopened
46978 38AHG6XX LabVIEW does not exit properly after using HSDIO Express VIs in process
46207 4IK86BGY Square cannot accept integer input when Adapt to source is selected
45928 4ILAJ889 .NET Event Not Registered Consistently
45925 4IKEMI68 Waveform Chart Sweep Chart Displays Horizontal Line
45907 4IHBF000 Unable to acess Property Pages for ActiveX control from LabVIEW 8.5.1 context menu
45822 4IBHBTQ2 LabVIEW crashes when user invokes Add Targets and Devices
45655 4IBFAOAG Crash Creating Control from Match Regular Expression with Standard Classic Palette
45592 4IDBQP00 Pressing on the Stop button does not stop the VI when running the VI in the TestStand LabVIEW User Interface
45479 4ICDRLGE LabVIEW 8.5 Crashes When You Open a VI from LabVIEW 8.0 that includes an XY graph
45456 4IDAUQB7 Global Variable Change Will not Break Top Level VI
45396 4I3FLMF2 Save for Previous on the Attached VIs Crashes LabVIEW
45349 4I4B7LE1 Library Access Scope failing to update when one library moved inside another.
45247 4I77OEK4 Front panel controls stick sometimes when clicked
45219 4I3GS4K4 Writing to Cursor.Plot property of Intensity Graph throws error
45217 4I3CQT00 Merge dialog comes up runable in LabVIEW Full - Windows.
45193 4I3GN200 MathScript Linker crash with mixed case for UDF Calls
45147 4I62I9PO Error -90001 when using Color attribute in MathScript Window
45129 4HTDPD54 Multiple Executables In A Single Installer Do Not Deploy Correctly
45128 4HTDKC54 Adding Multiple Executables to Installer Breaks Installer
45072 4HT7N0X2 Changing dt in Waveform constant crashes LV
45016 4HSD22P2 Selecting Tools>>Source Control>>Show Differences on a poly VI does not show interactive window.
44969 4HOBBKTY Opening a vi that adds two waveforms and was saved for previous version from 8.5 crashes LabVIEW
44961 4HU96900 Coercion dots not shows when static ref of a differnt VIs are wired to a Call by ref node.
44596 4HHAH2OH 3d entry allowed into spreadsheet string to array
44519 4HG8AA1W Prompt for VI says "Find the VI Template Named ..."
44498 4HDD7P2J MathScript issues with 'filter'
44497 4HDD73M2 Shrinking Panel Bounds with SubPanel
44405 4HAEETUD LabVIEW compiler not optimizing for speed in 8.5 as it did in 8.2.1
44224 4HA8OA00 Event structure value change event NewVal terminal value differs from control value for variant types
44124 4GJDKRVB Linux Dark Runtime Threading Differences From Regular Linux Runtime
44107 4GREN284 Deleting data with interactive data retrieval always deletes last element
44057 4GK9S4XX Saving New Class Without Data Cluster Crashes LabVIEW, No Dialog
44029 4H1EPO00 Opening many top level VIs causes crash
43947 4GLRO6Q Feedback nodes don't move correctly.
43946 4GLHH6Q To align two feedback nodes lead to many DWarn
43934 4GSMUJP2 Read BMP File hangs LabVIEW if reading the wrong file type
43930 4GKCDSUS Register For Events Retains Unwanted Elements When its Terminals are Disconnected.
43909 4GPE4HTD RefNewton Raphson Inner Part numeric returns different results with Newton Raphson Inner
43658 4GBDC7OO Inline subVI invoke node crashes
43640 4GAA2M2N Acquire and Analyze & Present in examples\general\uievents.llb need cosmetic changes
43620 4G9DOKKY LV Project incorrectly allows adding a DAQmx Project item to a Library
43546 4G6EDQUK Dynamically setting properties on XControls doesn't work
43498 4GAC57OR LabVIEW ODE Solver VI returns unexpected result on multi-core system
43462 4GCFHHAE cRIO 9002 Ethernet overload causes Controller Crash
43221 4FPB4CTM Adding VI to Front Panel that contains a Splitter Bar causes crash
43171 4FSFD5C4 Cluster data outside of visible portion of front panel do not print
43116 4FQ6JR1G Duplicate Case Crashes with Delete/Copy Panel Terminals from Diagram Disabled
42993 4FGD3T00 Opening a class from disk which is already loaded says it's open from another path
42910 4FJGJR00 The property dialog of a diagram constant pops the front panel
42899 4FEDIT0D Basic Hyperlink Project Item Test on Linux
42793 4FDHT5XE The example RT Analysis Workspace.lvproj does not open up in Linux
42779 4FBBGT00 NI-TDMS cdfs should contain different versions as the dlls change from release-to-release
42776 4F897L14 LabVIEW 8.5 Crashes when Duplicating Event Structure
42752 4F7FCQ9X Tip Strips Missing in Switch Executive 2.1.1
42658 4F4FLLWS Ignore Waveform Timestamp does not execute or remain checked
42610 4F4F1LRM Go To LabVIEW button should not be in File Dialog in Runtime Engine
42599 4F4ESQRM About LabVIEW menu item should be changed to About "Application" in Runtime Engine
42579 4F5GDALJ LabVIEW 8.2.1 and 8.5 crash when updating multiple FP objects programmatically in cluster
42538 4F6C651W VI documentation printing doesn't include control descriptions of the control is a typedef
42483 4EPG6F5U Update RT App Builder tests
42313 4EOCBC5I Load Deprecated Properties - No warning message displayed.
42308 4EUAFFNK Upgrading Tab Controls to LabVIEW 8.5 breaks Z-Order and makes controls disappear / reappear
42217 4EIDFGWB Write to Text File function behaves inconsistently when dealing with path arrays that have been converted to string arrays
42212 4EH9INF3 Close "Configure Method" window of XControl method will hang LabVIEW
42116 4EAFE6AH Large custom control shared variable crashes LV
42111 4EBD3L00 Change CHM reference for the Help button in the View I/O Items dialog box topic
42064 4EB9FCWX Test dragging of XControl Components in the project framework - LabVIEW crash
41933 4E77JBXP I64 Data Type Array Auto Conversion Crashs LabVIEW 8.5 on PowerPC (Mac and VxWorks)
41912 4E3I6HVB Digital Waveform Graph Does Not Support X Scale Formatting Options Except Floating Point
41871 4E2FL4XE An error dialog pops up when "PICT" file format is selected.
41854 4E80I56Y AB Installer Include hardware configuration with installer generated by app builder - Test instructions not clear
41825 4E2E4DXE Cannot find - "Plot Images- Save Load .vi" at the specified location.
41773 4DQE18RM LabVIEW Crash Capture mechanism doesn't work in Mac OS X 10.5
41741 4E03F700 Datasocket method not threadsafe - results in LabVIEW crash
41671 4E1GD7J1 The context help for is wrong
41619 4DIF6L5I Ring and Enum Controls- Property Page Test - Changes in Label not reflecting
41609 4DPCT5SM Poser Node VI Server "Terminals[]" property gives me some bad terminals for wiring
41607 4DOEJLBA Crash when comparing 3DPC_SurfacePlot reference
41578 4DOE4B9Z MVE should prevent user from editing certain properties under certain circumstances
41552 4DJEAC5I Array Node Auto-resizing and other feedback VI is broken
41474 4DG3LG4I Licensing Testing for Constellation doc needs to be updated
41468 4DHBEMN8 compiler error using Search 1D Array with an array of variants
41418 4DHF6RLX 'Diff' ing two VIs with radio buttons with different mechanical action does not report any differences.
41387 4DDEJC1R Remote Panel Licenses Lost When Repeatedly Refreshing RT Page
41373 4DHC6200 Calls To DB Tools Execute Query With Non-Forward-Only Cursor Fails in 8.5, Error 3005
41196 4D3BLBXE The file "" does not execute successfully
41135 4CUCHF00 Expand Digital Buses checkbox incorrectly appears on graphs
41127 4CU9UK5D Sweep/Scope Chart does not update x-axis the first few sweeps
40936 4CJDJEZG Write to XML does not specify name space in the LVData tag
40908 4CHF93TZ Creating a programable property leads to xcontrol corruption
40733 4CEFHUV6 Attempting to stop loading an LVClass while searching hits dwarns and crashes
40656 4C16URVI Visible Bounds property from "Diagram" class needs context help
40645 4C0ETLVI AdaptToEnteredData property from "Numeric Constant" class needs context help
40644 4C0EQSVI MakeSpace method from "AbstractDiagram" class needs context help
40612 4BUC8A7N Append Control Image to Report appends a wrong image
40486 4BPC7200 Please fix Queue Stack - example program.
40475 4BNF54BQ Examples\project\viserver\Add Files to should not allow some string from being translated
40454 4BQF4D1I When you don't have MKL DLLs on your computer and you try to load a VI that calls them, LabVIEW crashes.
40413 4BM94LJ1 Font on VI Properties>>Window Appearance>>Customize dialog is wrong
40393 4BJD32CS Can't create indicator of IMAQ image control reference
40388 4BGC5SP2 App builder VI Properties auto test fails.
40349 4BKHM600 Crash if FPGA target support open plugin uses "custom" I/O ctl for "resource name" input
40347 4BJ793N8 Error 42 writing to a shared variable of fixed point type.
40324 4BIBKMXE Vista UI - Search Instrument Driver 2nd window has hidden string.
40295 4BJASUP2 Can't build a framework multiple times during a LabVIEW session.
40048 4B1CTVSN There are two "RT Analysis Workspace.lvproj" examples in [Example Finder]
40030 4B12TB6S Mixed Signal Graph: Digits of Precision only applies to 2nd Y Axis
39980 4AP75269 Cannot deselect Run Executable after Installation from Installer Properties
39893 4AHAHR1R Formula nodes does invalid operation in prop types
39827 4ALEUK00 FXP point parameters should not change when uncheck 'Adapt to source'
39728 4AEE43DE Shortcut menu item on tab control, Goto Other Page, spelled incorrectly
39511 48O91GEQ Adding PNG images to LabVIEW Front Panel corrupts the VI
39238 421AIPFC Example "Print LLB to HTML" has out-of-date comment.
39180 3RTGNPBW Adding a tab in tab control typedef causes placement problems
38217 3YFFC900 LLB Manager hangs until we click outside of LV
37594 3PL9QP00 Link Help button in Select Application Instances dialog box to the Profiler help page.
37395 4688MCRM Broken VIs in distribution due to missing Storage.llb and lvStorage.llb on Mac
37185 4586SIKM Edit VI is very slow
36998 49SBL1FC Vista UI - Import Shared Library: sizing issue.
36960 49ODBO71 Replacing Waveform Graph with Mixed Signal Graph w/ cursors crashes.
36624 40MBIBN8 Errors and crash attempting to drop an xnode that contains a LabVIEW Class in its state
35664 42H9C4EQ Unable to Edit Items on a Text Ring with Quad, Unsigned Quad, or Fixed Prec. Representation
35526 3W96QK7C LabVIEW 8.0 - Image Display control causes
35180 488FQSUK LabVIEW needs to support updating linker information for subVIs using properties of Xcontrols

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  • Description - A few sentences which describe the problem. The brief description given does not necessarily describe the problem in full detail.
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