Validate Radar Systems

​Validation engineers need to test radar in realistic scenarios to evaluate system-level performance. Target generators are often used to simulate targets for test; however, the increasing complexity of modern radar and their operating environments make it challenging to achieve adequate test coverage through simulation. Additionally, the application-specific nature of radar systems means test requirements can vary widely from system to system. Common radar target generation requirements include:


  • Simulating multiple targets with individual position, velocity, and attitude

  • Applying per-target delay, attenuation, Doppler shift, and RCS modeling 

  • Implementing models for atmospheric propagation, terrain clutter, and multipath 


System-Level Radar Test Solution

  • Phase-coherent multichannel RF acquisition and generation with subnanosecond synchronization using PXI Vector Signal Transceivers and NI-TClk.

  • Closed-loop, low-latency scenario simulation with real-time signal processing using FlexRIO FPGA modules, which are user-programmable with LabVIEW FPGA or Xilinx's Vivado Design Suite. 

  • Modular I/O platform provides flexibility to interface with radar at multiple test points: high-speed digital, direct-inject IF, and/or over-the-air RF.

  • Results recorded to the cloud or local RAID as full I/Q spectral data, parameterized results, or measurement metrics.

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