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Benefits of IVI

IVI instrument driver technology offers the test system developer many advantages over existing implementations. IVI drivers are designed to provide the following benefits:

High performance
IVI drivers deliver a dramatic improvement in performance. These drivers integrate a powerful state-caching engine, which keeps track of the hardware settings of an instrument. This feature can improve test performance significantly, since it allows IVI drivers to behave intelligently and perform instrument I/O only when the value of a hardware setting needs modification. IVI drivers are also multithreaded safe, meaning you can build advanced multithreaded test programs using these drivers right out of the box, greatly increasing your test throughput.

Instrument Simulation
IVI drivers have built-in instrument simulation capabilities. With this feature, you can develop large amounts of your test code while your instruments are used in other systems, are temporarily unavailable, or are in the process of being delivered. You can generate simulated data in two different ways: using instrument-specific drivers in simulation mode or by using advanced class simulation drivers available with the IVI Compliance Package.

Instrument Interchangeability
IVI drivers are interchangeable across instruments, which has been a goal of test system engineers involved in a wide variety of application areas and industries. Specifications exist for instrument classes, along with a standard API for programming instruments that belong to a particular class. This industry-standard API has many far-reaching benefits, including but not limited to long-term test code maintenance, ease of programming, resulting in faster code development, and code reusability and reduced software maintenance costs.

Development Flexibility
IVI drivers are easy to develop using the Instrument Driver Development Wizard, which is built into LabWindows/CVI. The Wizard greatly reduces driver development time by creating code and function tree templates based on the selected instrument class. IVI drivers are also easy to use. All of National Instruments' IVI drivers work with our popular development environments, including LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Measurement Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio, and TestStand.

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