LabVIEW VI Analyzer Upgrade Tests


This page contains information about free VI Analyzer tests that can be used to help locate upgrade issues.

What are Upgrade Tests

Changes may be made to LabVIEW between versions that could affect your code when upgrading.  We attempt to document as many of these changes as possible in the LabVIEW Upgrade Note, Readme and LabVIEW Known Issues.  We have developed VI Analyzer Tests to help you determine if your source code might be affected by any changes in LabVIEW.  The VI Analyzer engine is included as part of core LabVIEW, making it possible for anyone to run these tests.  We recommend all users carefully examine the LabVIEW Upgrade Notes before upgrading LabVIEW.  Some of the tests included check for issues described in the Upgrade Notes, but not every issue has a test.

These tests can only be run in the latest LabVIEW Version, and testing the code requires that the VIs be loaded into the current LabVIEW version.  This means to use the test you must install the latest LabVIEW version and your VIs will be loaded and compiled in that version.  However, the VIs you are analyzing are not automatically saved.  If you do not wish to upgrade your VIs at the time you run your tests do not save the VIs in the current version.  You can still review the VIs without saving them.

You should download the tests for the version of LabVIEW that you are upgrading to.  When you install the tests they are broken down by version.  You can select to use all of the tests from your current version to the desired version to test for all issues that could affect you.


Download LabVIEW Upgrade Tests

* There are no upgrade tests for these versions.

Provide Feedback and Get Help

If you are experiencing an issue in LabVIEW that appears to be new to the current version, or has affected your upgrade from a previous version, and the issue is not documented in the LabVIEW Upgrade Notes or the LabVIEW Known Issues document:

  • We want to help you troubleshoot the issue and would like to file any bug reports to our R&D department to fix the issue, and we’d like to consider creating a test for the issue
  • Visit to report the issue to NI through your preferred NI Support system
  • If a bug report is filed on the issue, ask for the ID number and make sure to make note of that number so that you can easily refer back to the issue by ID number (helpful when talking to other Applications Engineers or for searching the Bug Fixed List/Known Issues Documents)

If you have encountered an issue that is affecting your upgrade that has been reported to NI, documented in the Upgrade Notes, or documented in the Known Issues document, and you would like to request a test be made for the issue:

  • Many issues can only be encountered when specific user-actions are taken that a program cannot predict, we generally cannot write tests for these situations.
  • If you would like to suggest a test be written for an issue, reply back to this thread with the bug ID number that you get from an Applications Engineer when following the step above, we will attempt to create a test for the issue, but cannot guarantee that one can or will be.

If you can successfully run the VI Analyzer Upgrade Tests, and you would like more information on a specific issue for which a test was written:

  • Carefully read over the test failure message and the test description in the VI Analyzer test window. The last sentence should refer you to one of the documents where more information can be found on the issue.
  • If you have the bug ID for the issue, visit the Known Issues document and find the entry for that ID number.
  • Search the technical support resources for more information by using the bug ID number in your searc
  • Visit to report the issue to NI through the recommended NI Support system. Refer to the bug ID in your forum post or in your support conversation.

If you are having problems installing or using the VI Analyzer Upgrade Tests, have feedback on the process of these VI Analyzer Tests, would like to report a problem executing a specific test, or any other general comments on this project:

  • We’d love to hear your comments on this exciting new process for us, and we would love to have the opportunity to help you resolve any issues you may have with using the tests.
  • Please reply to this thread with your questions or comments. Your feedback is appreciated!