Archived: LabWindows™/CVI™ 2012 Bug Fixes

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The following items are changes from LabWindows/CVI 2010 SP1 to LabWindows/CVI 2012. If you have a Bug ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.

Table of Contents

  1. Development Environment
  2. Performance
  3. User Interface
  4. Compiler
  5. Stand-Alone Applications and Distributions
  6. .NET and ActiveX
  7. Analysis
  8. Miscellaneous
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Development Environment

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Additional Information

243203 - LabWindows/CVI file dialog boxes cannot open files accessed through the Libraries button on Windows 7. Windows 7 introduced the "Libraries" button to the common file dialog boxes. LabWindows/CVI cannot open files that have been accessed by browsing through this button.
254291 - LabWindows/CVI will hang when building a distribution for an executable that is signed with a certificate that is not available.  
258376 - Mousing over an ActiveX control when the title bar is not visible causes the control to disappear.  
276026 - LabWindows/CVI can generate code into the wrong source file without asking for confirmation. The following steps will reproduce this issue:
  1. Create a new user interface project from template.
  2. Browse to a random example and open a source file from the random example.
  3. Open the UIR in the editor (but don't open the source file).
  4. Add a button with a callback to the UIR from the project.
  5. Select Code»Generate»Control Callbacks to generate the control callback.

Notice the callback and header files were placed in the unrelated example's source file.
276524 - compile.exe may report link errors for National Instruments libraries. If the LabWindows/CVI development environment has not been launched, compile.exe might report link errors for some libraries, such as the LabWindows/CVI SQL Toolkit or the Programmer's Toolbox.
276799 - Numeric table cells do not coerce values when values are pasted from the clipboard. If a table cell or range of cells is not in edit mode when a value is pasted from the clipboard, the cell will not coerce the value to the specified minimum or maximum values.
278151 - A breakpoint with a pass count and a condition will never break execution as a result of the pass count. If a breakpoint has both a condition and a pass count, the pass count will be ignored. As a result, if the condition is never met, the breakpoint will never break execution.
282253 - Data tooltip is too small to hold negative zero floating-point values.  
282794 - You cannot add a type library for a project that defines multiple functions that differ only in case. If the function panel for your DLL project specifies multiple functions whose names differ only in case, you will not be able to embed a type library in your DLL.
283065 - LabWindows/CVI cannot generate wrappers for .NET Framework 4.0 assemblies. The Create LabWindows/CVI .NET Controller dialog box cannot generate wrappers for .NET Framework 4.0 assemblies. When trying to create a wrapper for .NET Framework 4.0 assemblies, the error Error occurred while generating .NET controller code. The method or operation is not implemented. will be shown.
283527 - LabWindows/CVI carets ignore Windows keyboard settings. Through the "Keyboard Settings" applet in the Windows Control Panel, you can adjust the blink rate of the caret, or you can disable blinking altogether. LabWindows/CVI ignores this setting.
284362 - When you select a value from a combo box table cell in edit mode, the table cell might not display the value you select.  
285074 - Previewing substitutions in the Version Info dialog box sometimes does not show correct values. By default, the %application variable expands to the value of the Application Title field in the Target Settings dialog box. If this field is empty, the target file base name is used to expand the %application variable. However, when Preview Substitutions is selected in the Version Info dialog box, if the Application Title is blank, the %application variable is replaced with an empty string.
285443 - The run-time movable custom control (movectrl.fp) leaks memory.  
286276 - The frame of the increment and decrement buttons on numeric controls may not draw entirely. When using Windows visual styles, the top portion of the frame of the increment button or the bottom portion of the frame of the decrement button may not be drawn depending on the font that is used.
287954 - The progress bar might not draw correctly when it is overlapped by other controls. If your progress bar is updating automatically, a common mistake is to not process events for the thread that owns the progress bar as the progress bar is updating. For more information, refer to the help for the VAL_PROGRESSBAR_AUTO_MODE value for the ATTR_PROGRESSBAR_UPDATE_MODE attribute here. However, even if you are processing events, the progress bar may not draw correctly.
288099 - The ProgressBar_GetPercentage function panel defines the percentage parameter to be an input parameter. Because the percentage parameter is actually an output parameter, declaring a variable from the function panel will result in a variable of the wrong type being declared. It will be declared as a double * instead of a double.
288389 - The splitter control can disappear after is it dragged. This issue occurs only on Windows 7 or Windows Vista with Aero enabled.
290770 - Popup dialogs appear in the same location where they were located the last time the dialog appeared in that process. The file dialog will appear centered in the monitor of the active panel the first time a process with this name is executed. From this point on, it will remember where you have moved it and it will always appear in that same location.
292030 - Passing NULL to the DefaultFileSpec parameter causes your application to crash. This issue occurs for the following functions:
  • FileSelectPopup
  • FileSelectPopupEx
  • MultiFileSelectPopup
  • MultiFileSelectPopupEx
292130 - Calling GetPanelAttribute with ATTR_TITLEBAR_ACTUAL_THICKNESS returns undefined results if the panel titlebar is not visible. The function should return 0 when the titlebar is not visible but instead returns an undefined value.
292939 - If a running instance of LabWindows/CVI is minimized, it will not be listed in the Just-In-Time Debugger Selector dialog box.  
292992 - Users cannot completely disallow creating directories in FileSelectPopup and DirSelectPopup. If you pass 0 as the AllowMakeDirectory parameter of FileSelectPopup or DirSelectPopup, the icon for creating a folder is not present in the dialog box. However, users can still right-click the file list and select New»Folder.
293467 - The LabWindows/CVI 2010 title bar can change to use a classic style Windows theme after saving files. This issue happens only on Windows XP.
293859 - The Floating Style attribute of a child panel can cause displayed panels to display as modal behind other displayed panels.  
294008 - New files added in the Edit Project dialog box do not use the Project Tree Font. If you use a non-standard font for the Project Tree Font and add files to a project in the Edit Project dialog box, the new files will be drawn with the wrong font.
294159 - <Ctrl-Left Arrow> and <Ctrl-Right Arrow> do not work correctly in text controls on multibyte versions of Windows. The text cursor does not correctly move to work breaks.
294161 - Controls can be added to control arrays to which they already belong. When you right-click a control in the User Interface Editor, you can select to add the control to a control array it already belongs to. The control is not actually added, but the option should not be available.
294217 - The Edit Breakpoint dialog box incorrectly maintains a reference to old files. If you place breakpoints in one workspace and then debug a project, the source files those breakpoints were placed in will not be removed from the Edit Breakpoint dialog box when a new workspace is loaded.
294281 - Making a change to a project that is under source code control in LabWindows/CVI does not result in checking out the project. LabWindows/CVI does not acknowledge that the project has been checked out after making a change. This means that you are unable to save the project.
294282 - Files added to a project cannot be added to source code control. When you add a file to a project under source code control (SCC), a dialog box will be shown asking if you want to add the file to SCC. If you select yes, you will be shown the file checkout dialog, but it is empty.
294650 - Undo in the User Interface Editor can change the z-plane order of controls.  
295507 - Undoing after hiding and showing panels can cause LabWindows/CVI to crash. The following steps will result in LabWindows/CVI crashing:
  1. Hide a panel containing a control.
  2. Show the panel.
  3. Move a control on the panel.
  4. Undo twice.
295654 - Building a project with the same name as a previously loaded project can cause LabWindows/CVI to crash. This crash can occur if you complete the following steps:
  1. Work on one project.
  2. Unload the project and delete all of its files.
  3. Create a new project with the same name.
LabWindows/CVI can crash when you try to build the second project.
296155 - Network variable and ActiveX support do not automatically get selected when building 64-bit distributions. If you are building a 64-bit distribution that depends on network variable or ActiveX, their dependencies should automatically be selected when building a distribution.
296380 - EVENT_SORT does not appear in the User Interface Editor. If you interactively sort tree items in the User Interface Editor, the only event that appears in the status bar is EVENT_GOT_FOCUS. EVENT_SORT does not appear.
296381 - You cannot use the Edit Text Tool to edit the last cell in a table column. If you click <Enter> after editing the last cell, it looks as if the value that you entered has been committed, but if you change to operate mode, or if you click on a different cell, you'll notice that the changes have been lost.
297271 - Some analysis files are left behind after uninstalling LabWindows/CVI. Files are left in the directories C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\CVI<version>\bin and C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\CVI<version>\extlib.
298366 - There are miscellaneous problems with code comment tags. The following are known issues when automatically generating stub source code comments with <Ctrl+Shift+G>:
  • If the function returns void, a HIRET tag is still generated. This will not compile.
  • If a given parameter is of type void, a HIPAR tag is still generated. This will not compile.
  • If a function uses K&R parameter syntax, source code comments are automatically generated above the first non-K&R style function found above the desired K&R style function.

When a project is built, the following are known issues with the HTML and/or XML that can be generated for the comments:
  • There is an extra line break in the function pages in the generated HTML.
  • The generated XML is invalid if there are some extended ASCII characters in the comments, such as 'µ'.
298456 - A program that has called EnableDragAndDrop might crash if closed from the Windows taskbar.  
298632 - Full ticks are not consistently drawn for many numeric controls. When full ticks are enabled for numeric slides, knobs, gauges, dials, or meters, some full ticks will be drawn darker than others. This is because the full ticks are drawn multiple times at once, leading to darkening because of the alpha blending done by ClearType.
298790 - Tree items with ATTR_CELL_DIMMED can be toggled and do not draw completely dimmed. If a tree item has ATTR_CELL_DIMMED set, you should not be able to alter its draw state, and the check box or radio button should also be drawn as dimmed.
299606 - The LabWindows/CVI ActiveX Controller Wizard does not display all registered ActiveX servers. Servers registered with paths of type REG_EXPAND_SZ are not listed.
299688 - Some items in the LabWindows/CVI status bar require a double-click to toggle, while others require a single-click.  
300075 - Editing instrument driver attributes using the Attibute Editor tool can cause attributes to be duplicated in the .sub file.  
300534 - compile.exe does not work in evaluation mode without launching LabWindows/CVI once. If you have not yet launched LabWindows/CVI, compile.exe will return -1.
303721 - Table row and column header separators do not line up with the row and column marker lines when Windows visual styles are enabled. In Windows 7, the row lines do not match up. In Windows XP, the column lines do not match up.
304541 - The Run-Time Movable Control (movectrl.fp) custom control does not display a hand when moving numeric controls. Normally, when moving a control by using the movable control custom control, a hand is displayed as the mouse cursor. However, an I-beam cursor is displayed for numeric controls.
305258 - GetScaledCtrlDisplayBitmap can hang for some scaling ratios. For instance, scaling a graph from 400x801 pixels to 200x200 pixels will cause a hang.
306036 - Calling RegisterDDEServer and then UnregisterDDEServer results in the report of a resource leak in the Resource Tracking window. No memory is actually being leaked.
306560 - VAL_SIZE_TO_PICTURE can significantly degrade the resolution of pictures if the pictures must shrink.  
306648 - Some controls in the LabWindows/CVI environment do not dim properly when they have different values between build configurations. For example, if the File Version and Product Version controls have different values for 32-bit and 64-bit configurations, they will not be dimmed when the All Configurations option is selected.
306727 - LabWindows/CVI can crash when attempting to rename a file belonging to a project that is under source code control. If the project that belongs to source code control is not checked out, LabWindows/CVI can crash if you try to rename a file in that project.
306728 - Attempting to rename a file under source code control fails. When using a source code control (SCC) provider in LabWindows/CVI, you might not be able to rename a file under SCC through the SCC interface.
308500 - You cannot view predefined macros through the Manage Configurations dialog box. Try to view the predefined macros for a build configuration by selecting Build»Configuration»Manage Configurations»Edit»Build Options»Predefined Macros.
308664 - The bottom of some characters on the y-axis of a strip chart can be clipped incorrectly. For example, the bottom half of the letter g will be clipped.
308967 - A 64-bit LabWindows/CVI distribution allows the end user to override the 32-bit National Instruments directory, but not the 64-bit National Instruments directory. Even though you have built a 64-bit distribution in LabWindows/CVI, the end user will be presented with the option to change the 32-bit National Instruments directory. They will not be allowed to change the 64-bit National Instruments directory.
309109 - When installing a LabWindows/CVI distribution with a private RTE install, the mesa and instrsup merge modules do not install locally. LabWindows/CVI performs a private RTE install if you enable the Install LabWindows/CVI Run-Time Engine in the application directory option in the Edit Installer dialog box. The instrsup merge module has not installed privately since LabWindows/CVI 2009. The mesa merge module has not installed privately since LabWindows/CVI 2010.
309184 - compile.exe can crash when passed a project path that can't be found on disk. If you pass a .prj file and one or more .c files to compile.exe and the .prj file cannot be found on disk, compile.exe will crash.
309627 - LabWindows/CVI can crash when compiling some K&R style functions. This crash occurs only if you disable the Require function prototypes option. For example, if you attempt to compile a file with the following code, LabWindows/CVI crashes.

void foo (a)
int a(enum {x,y});
310362 - LabWindows/CVI may crash when rebuilding a project with a precompiled header file. LabWindows/CVI crashes when rebuilding a portion of a project that depends on a precompiled header file that includes a header file with a warning.
310600 - FileToArray function does not support 64-bit data types. N/A
310781 - The table control displays a gap between the table cells and the bottom and right edges of the control when resized. This is an effect of the control's 3D style and not a bug. Future versions will allow the frame to be made invisible with the ATTR_FRAME_VISIBLE attribute.
310817 - Table control triggers a general protection fault after not cleaning up resources from an Out of Memory error. If a table is made so large that an Out of Memory error is triggered, the table control does not properly recalculate the number of rows and columns. Any access to the table can cause a general protection fault.
311281 - Graph controls display the x-axis name at an angle if you set the ATTR_XYNAME_FONT attribute to a metafont that rotates text. The graph should not display fonts that specify an angle of rotation for text for the x-axis name.
311356 - Changes to the font persist in the Font dialog box when the action is canceled. If you make changes in the Font dialog box, but cancel your changes, the changes are not applied. However, if you open the Font dialog box again, the changes will still be active in the dialog box and will be applied if you then click OK. This behavior does not affect changes to the Source Window font.
312084 - Setting an incorrect working directory in the Specify Executable to Debug dialog box provides an incorrect error message. Setting an incorrect working directory reports "Bad executable file pathname", but the executable file pathname may be correct.
312179 - Some Microsoft DLLs are automatically included in distributions built with LabWindows/CVI. Some Microsoft dependencies are operating system dependent and should not be included in distributions. These dependencies typically already exist on most targets. If not, then they should be installed from a Microsoft distribution.
312398 - Deleting all lines from a text box control with no lines available to delete causes a nonfatal runtime error. Passing -1 for the Number of Lines parameter of the DeleteTextBoxLines function deletes all lines from the index to the end. However, if there are no lines after the index, a nonfatal runtime error will occur.
313299 - CVI_AppGetLinesFromFile returns a string with maximum length of INT16_MAX characters. The maximum puts too small of a limit on the amount of source code text that can be returned from a single call to CVI_AppGetLinesFromFile .
313512 - Ring control label/value pairs precision does not persist when changed. When the precision of a double or float label/value pair is modified in the User Interface Editor, the precision attribute is restored to its original value when the Edit Label/Value Pairs dialog box is opened again.
313765 - The LabWindows/CVI Run-Time Engine may crash when unloading a DLL that contains a panel in a thread other than the main thread. N/A
314344 - Changing the panel title from a different thread can cause a hang. Changing the panel title from a thread other than the thread that the panel was created in can cause a hang.
314631 - MultiFileSelectPopup removes leading spaces from file names and returns an error. The MultiFileSelectPopup function assumes that files do not have a leading space in the file name, but this is not always true.
314876 - The LabWindows/CVI Run-Time Engine can hang when calling CloseCVIRTE in a secondary thread. The CloseCVIRTE function can cause a hang if called from a thread other than the main thread.
315800 - The Find in files search will display a warning if a line it attempts to search is greater than 1024 characters. Lines greater than 1024 characters are truncated at 1024 characters and the rest of the line is not searched. The warning does not provide any information on which file is causing the problem.
316246 - LabWindows/CVI changes foreground lock timeout to 0 when debugging. When debugging an application, the debugger changes the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\ForegroundLockTimeout registry key to 0. This is necessary to control which window is in the foreground when debugging. The debugger should restore the registry key to its previous state when it is done debugging.
316361 - The LabWindows/CVI low-level support driver CVINTDRV.sys contains a security vulnerability. Refer to KnowledgeBase 5Q5FJ4QW: How Does National Instruments Security Update 5Q5FJ4QW Affect Me? for more details.
316365 - Panel toolbars are not fully discarded when created and discarded in a thread other than main. Calling the Toolbar_Discard function in a thread other than the main thread will cause a Non-Fatal Run-Time Error to occur when exiting the main function.
316626 - The physdemo.cws example uses functionality that is removed with Security Update 5Q5FJ4QW. The physdemo.cws example is not installed with LabWindows/CVI 2010 SP1 or later.
316930 - Possible to see 100% CPU usage when a graph or strip chart is on screen and axis labels are visible For this problem to occur at least one axis label must visible. When label strings get too close to the edge of the control, they will attempt to reposition themselves inward to avoid being cut off, but in some cases the repositioning algorithm will reposition to the same value and cycle endlessly. There is no visible behavior issue caused by this problem on Windows other than high CPU usage. This problem is most likely to occur with one of the x-axis label strings if the x-axis has negative values or ATTR_FIXED_PLOT_AREA is enabled and ATTR_PLOT_AREA_LEFT is set too close to the edge.
317147 - The fgetpos function writes only 4 bytes to the Current File Position output parameter in a 64-bit application. In a 64-bit application, the fpos_t data type used for the Current File Position parameter is 8 bytes long, but the function fills only the lower 4 bytes of the variable passed in.
318200 - The Edit Tabbing Order dialog box does not allow you to modify the tabbing order of controls that are behind overlapping controls. N/A
318253 - False positive user protection error when using an Interface to Win32 API struct. N/A
319377 - SavePanelState causes a General Protection Fault when called in a 64-bit application. After the crash, the state of the save file is unknown. The crash occurs because of header information in the save file.
319561 - SetCursorAttribute does not return an error when passed an annotation attribute. The SetCursorAttribute function will attempt to set an attribute that does not exist and can produce undefined errors.
320396 - Replacing a file in the Edit Project dialog box that is not yet part of the project causes the development environment to crash. If you add a file to the project in the Edit Project dialog box and then replace that file before exiting the dialog box by clicking OK to submit the change, the development environment will crash.
321793 - Adding multiple files with the same name in the Edit Project dialog box can cause LabWindows/CVI to crash. This behavior can occur if you use the Edit Project dialog box to add two files to the project with the same filename but different paths. When you select OK to confirm the changes, a warning will appear stating that a file with the same name already exists in the project. If you remove the duplicate file and click OK again, the development environment will crash.
322063 - The project settings for certificate signing are not saved in the project file. When the Signing Info settings are modified, an empty string is saved as the certificate store in the project file.
322203 - If you change a breakpoint due to an invalid condition while you are debugging, LabWindows/CVI ignores the next breakpoint. If your code contains a breakpoint with an invalid condition followed by another invalid breakpoint (either with an invalid condition or set on a line containing no executable code), LabWindows/CVI displays the Invalid Condition dialog box for the first breakpoint. If you make the condition valid and click Replace or click Delete to delete the breakpoint, LabWindows/CVI ignores the next breakpoint.
322458 - Changes to configuration options entered in the Manage Configurations dialog box may not be persisted under rare circumstances. N/A
323520 - LabWindows/CVI saves files with the FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TEMPORARY attribute set. The FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TEMPORARY is only set on files that are not created in LabWindows/CVI. The attribute has effects on system caching and is mostly harmless. However, the attribute has been reported to cause Microsoft Visual Studio to skip searching the file when using the Find in Files tool.
324351 - Canceling from the Invalid Breakpoint dialog box causes the LabWindows/CVI debugger to ignore all remaining breakpoints and continue execution. If you have a breakpoint with an invalid condition when you begin debugging, LabWindows/CVI displays the Invalid Condition dialog box for that breakpoint. However, if you click Cancel in this dialog box, LabWindows/CVI resumes execution of the program. All other breakpoints following this breakpoint will be skipped and debugging will continue.
324499 - Clicking Cancel in the Invalid Condition dialog box can cause a breakpoint to be deleted. While you are debugging, if you add an invalid condition to an existing breakpoint using the Edit Breakpoint dialog box and then click Cancel in the Invalid Condition dialog box, the breakpoint is deleted.
324786 - Adding an invalid condition to an existing breakpoint during debug from the Breakpoints dialog box and then clicking Delete in the Invalid Condition dialog box does not delete the modified breakpoint. During debug (when the program is running or suspended), adding an invalid condition to an existing breakpoint from the Breakpoints dialog box and then clicking Delete in the Invalid Condition dialog box, either replaces the edited breakpoint with the next breakpoint in the breakpoints list or assigns the invalid condition to the edited breakpoint in the breakpoints list if there is no breakpoint after it in the list. Either way, after submitting changes by clicking OK in the Breakpoints dialog box, the edited breakpoint will not be present in the source file.
324806 - Adding a breakpoint on an invalid line from the Breakpoints dialog box and then moving the breakpoint creates a breakpoint that you cannot interact with. While you are debugging (and execution is not suspended), if you add a breakpoint on an invalid line from the Breakpoints dialog box, LabWindows/CVI prompts you to resolve the conflict. If you select to move the breakpoint, LabWindows/CVI moves the breakpoint in the source file immediately. If you cancel the dialog box, LabWindows/CVI does not remove the breakpoint in the source file, and you cannot operate the breakpoint.
324829 - LabWindows/CVI crashes while debugging when adding a conditional breakpoint to the Interactive Execution window if the window doesn't contain any executable code. N/A
325065 - The Line option and Add button are not updated when the file is changed in the Edit Breakpoint dialog box. If the Add button is disabled because you are editing a breakpoint from a file that does not allow a breakpointand then witch to a file that does, the Add button is not enabled. Also, if the line number is set to a line that does not exist in the file that you switch to, the line number does not update to an existing line number.
325547 - Error message in the Invalid Condition dialog box may overflow text region. When debugging and a breakpoint with an invalid condition is hit, the Invalid Condition dialog box opens. Replacing the condition with a longer but still invalid condition causes the error message to be longer, but the dialog box does not expand to accomodate the longer message.
325813 - The Replace File in Project option crashes the development environment if a file with same base name is specified. Replacing a file in the Project Tree with another file that has the same base name using the Replace File in Project context menu option causes the development environment to crash.
326195 - The active function panel is incorrectly detected when multiple function panels are being edited in the Function Panel Editor window. If you create multiple function panels in the Function Panel Editor and attempt to add a control to a panel other than the original, the control is not always added to the selected function panel.
326213 - The Go to Line button causes an internal assert to be triggered. When execution is suspended on a breakpoint, pressing Go to Line in the Breakpoints dialog box for a breakpoint that has a valid location but an invalid condition causes an assert to be triggered.
326378 - LabWindows/CVI crashes when a long condition is entered in the Condition text field of the Invalid Condition dialog box. When you are debugging and hit a breakpoint with an invalid condition, LabWindows/CVI launches the Invalid Condition dialog box. If you enter a new condition that is very long and click Replace, the development environment crashes.
327730 - LabWindows/CVI crashes during compilation when a very long variable name is used. Variables with names of roughly 500 characters or longer will cause LabWindows/CVI to crash when compiling.
328422 - 64-bit distributions are not detecting dependencies automatically when using merge-module components of the LabWindows/CVI Run-Time Engine. When selecting a sub component of the LabWindows/CVI Run-Time Engine in the Edit Installer dialog box, dependent components are not automatically selected for a 64-bit configuration.
328679 - Graph legend items are highlighted after calling RecallPanelState under some conditions. This behavior can occur even if the ATTR_LEGEND_INTERACTIVE attribute is disabled.
328823 - Toolbox.c and toolbox.h are not added to a Microsoft Visual Studio project if LabWindows/CVI is not run at least once after installation. N/A
328896 - Debugging a DLL built in LabWindows/CVI that defines DllMain crashes the RT target. Debugging a DLL that defines DllMain crashes LabVIEW Real-Time on the RT target when the entry point function returns.
328940 - LabWindows/CVI DLL projects converted to Microsoft Visual Studio projects do not properly link ANSI C functions. N/A
329376 - The graph legend does not always match the angle of text plots. The angle of the text in the sample plot of the graph legend may or may not match the angle of the text plot. Different behavior is demonstrated for various angles, font sizes, and fonts. Some conditions may cause the sample plot to display an underlined font when the plot does not use an underlined font.
329406 - LabWindows/CVI crashes when setting the Offset option for a graph if the Absolute Time Display Format is set to a very large number. N/A
329410 - Unable to resize Attribute Browser and User Interface Browser back after resizing them very near to the right side of the User Interface Editor. N/A
329411 - User interface control labels appear to resize when switching from Windows XP to Windows Vista or Windows 7. The font size of the labels actually remains the same, but the rendering of the labels is handled differently in Windows XP than it is in Windows Vista and Windows 7. The larger label size causes the controls to resize.
329461 - Printing UIR files resizes the table control in the print output. N/A
331365 - UIR save version can change when saving the project file or workspace file. A UIR file that is saved for an older version can change to the current version when the project or workspace is saved with File»Save As.
331534 - The scroll bars in the User Interface Editor do not appear when changing the panel size using the cursor. When you expands a panel to fill the User Interface Editor using the cursor and click the inside edge of the border of the panel, the panel border may be partially outside the editor. In this case the scroll bars do not appear and part of the panel is inaccessible.
331714 - Saving a UIR file while editing a text field in the Attribute Browser marks the UIR file as changed. The UIR file is not saved, but displays that the file has changes since the last save in the Project Tree and in the File menu.
332654 - Changing a panel's width or height from the Attribute Browser doesn't update corresponding workspace status bar values. The panel size values displayed on the right side of the workspace's status bar do not update when the panel's width and height attributes are modified from the Attribute Browser.
332690 - The Source Window background is not painted gray when a non-tabbed workspace is opened. If the Show tabbed Workspace option is disabled and you open LabWindows/CVI, the background of the Source Window is painted partially white. Moving windows across the white region causes them to be painted gray.
332770 - The control or panel constant name in the Workspace status bar does not update when a panel or control is selected and the user moves another panel or control. N/A
332772 - Workspace status bar displays outer frame width and height when resizing panel. When resizing a panel in the User Interface Editor, the status bar displays both the previous width and height and the new width and height. Both the previous and new values are calculated based on the outer selection frame rather than the actual panel width and height.
333069 - Workspace status bar and property browser panel width and height are not updated when you undo a panel resize or cut/delete a panel.. If you resize a panel in the User Interface Editor, the workspace status bar and the property browser update with the new panel width and height. If you then undo the resize, the status bar and the property browser do not update the width and height to the old values.
333273 - Using column selection mode in the Source window over a collapsed region of code will cause the region to be improperly selected.  
333287 - Cursor does not change back to arrow after operating the splitter in the Watch Window while debugging. This occurs only when debugging an application and execution is not suspended. Similar behavior occurs for both the vertical and horizontal splitters.
333324 - Function panel controls in a disabled function may not be dimmed when the function panel is reopened for editing.  
333578 - The Attribute Browser Width field doesn't coerce the value to the minimum control width. If a value is entered in the Width field in the Attribute Browser for a control with a minimum width and the value is smaller than the minimum Width, the value is not coerced to the minimum. The coercion does occur for the Height property. The actual Width of the control is correctly coerced to the minimum width.
333580 - The selection around the control does not redraw after setting a field from the Attribute Browser that changes the control size. N/A
333983 - Non project C files loaded by function panels are not unloaded when switching projects. When loading a project or switching the active project in a workspace, the function panels that were explicitly loaded by the previous project (not the dependency Function Panels) are unloaded, but the corresponding non project C files remain linked.
334352 - The registry key used to locate the just-in-time debugger may be removed or point to an incorrect version. When installing LabWindows/CVI, the just-in-time debugger is installed to the \bin directory of the LabWindows/CVI installation directory and a registry key is modified to point to that version of the just-in-time debugger. Installing multiple versions of LabWindows/CVI in reverse version order or uninstalling LabWindows/CVI may cause the registry key to point to the incorrect location or to be removed.
334574 - Installing multiple versions of LabWindows/CVI on the same system can cause the wrong versions of the LabWindows/CVI Help to be associated with the development environment. N/A
334681 - Setting the Label text in the Edit Tree dialog box to a string greater then 250 characters can crash LabWindows/CVI. N/A
334682 - Deleting a column from the Edit Columns/Cells dialog box does not set the Label field to the value of the active cell.  
334683 - The window number is displayed in the title bar of maximized windows when switching between tabbed and non-tabbed workspace. N/A
334917 - LabWindows/CVI evaluates the Drivers & Components dependencies before rebuilding the project. When you create a distribution, LabWindows/CVI automatically checks the dependencies of your project outputs to recommend which drivers and components need to be included. This check occurs before checking if the project needs to be rebuilt. If changes have been made to the project since it was last built, this can result in an inaccurate list of driver and component dependencies.
335241 - The Workspace status bar disappears in the Source Editor after opening a project. Opening an existing project while a source file is already opened and unsaved causes the status bar to disappear.
335299 - Multiple calls to ClipboardPutBitmap in a multithreaded application causes temporary hang. Calling the ClipboardPutBitmap function from a thread other than the main thread can cause a temporary hang.
335301 - Disabling tabbed workspace doesn't restore windows to their original unmaximized state. N/A
335358 - Using the bit shift operator multiple times on the same line of code produces incorrect results for 64-bit integers in a 32-bit application. This issue occurs when the result of one bit shift is used for another bit shift in the same line of code. For example: unsigned int a = 1, b = 62; unsigned long long result = 1ULL << a << b;
335499 - Unmaximizing windows after loading a workspace leaves inactive windows without a number in front of the title in the title bar. N/A
335556 - The Word Report WordRpt_GoToCell function will always go to the first column when used in a Microsoft Word 2007 file or later.  
335717 - The right scroll bar of the Watch window is clipped on the right side by a few pixels.  
335805 - Calling the ListCompact function with a preallocated empty list causes the list structure to become corrupted.  
336312 - Calling the GetCtrlVal function for the picture ring control may cause an "Assertion failed" error in the Event Viewer if the picture ring data type is set to " string (char *)".  
336341 - Cannot assign Interface to Win32 API function GetProcAddress to a function pointer without a type cast. The following code results in a "Operands of = have illegal types" compile error: #include <windows.h> int __stdcall (*my_FP)(int x, char y[], char z[], char *m, int g, char A[], char B[]); my_FP = GetProcAddress(0, "DLL_FUNCT");
336446 - Entering more than 255 characters into the Line Label or Bus Label fields of the Edit Digital Graph dialog box will cause the LabWindows/CVI environment to crash.  
336721 - Switching the active application while a control is being moved by the mouse causes the selection outline to not be undrawn. This behavior occurs if you press <Alt-Tab> while dragging a control.
337804 - Changing the label of a tree item from the Label control or the Quick Edit Window does not update the corresponding entry in the Default Index option for that tree item.  
337953 - The LED control is rendered poorly when using default size. The default size of 20x20 pixels causes the LED to look more like an octagon than a circle.
338093 - Not moving the mouse when using Zoom to rectangle mode triggers EVENT_ZOOM with ZOOM_RESTORE for the eventdata1 parameter of the callback.  
340111 - Selecting the "Install LabWindows/CVI Run-Time Engine in the application directory" checkbox option in the Edit Installer dialog box does not work for 64-bit distributions. The LabWindows/CVI Run-Time Engine DLL files will be placed in the system32 directory instead of the application directory.
340396 - When moving a tree control, the tree item being edited will not move with the tree. This behavior can occur if the tree is connected to a splitter that is set to move the control. This will also occur in the Attribute Browser if the LabWindows/CVI environment is resized from the right side of the window.
341151 - Workspace folders with very long names can cause the LabWindows/CVI environment to crash when loading or saving.  
341569 - The index counts in the Default index option can have the wrong value if items are inserted in the tree out of order.  
341708 - Inserting a tree column in Edit Columns/Cells dialog box does not update the currently selected column. This behavior will cause a mismatch between the Label field and the currently selected item.
342048 - Typedefs with names that contain "char" are converted to "LPSTR" when generating an ODL. For example, a typedef named mychar is converted to myLPSTR. This will cause an error when the ODL is compiled using MIDL.
342459 - Installing LabWindows/CVI 2009 or 2010 when a later version is already installed may cause the installation to fail. If the later version already installed on the system was installed with the IVI Installer Creator component selected in the installer feature tree, then installing LabWindows/CVI 2009 or 2010 will fail.
342838 - Loading a project from LabWindows/CVI 2009 or earlier reverses the value of the LoadExternalModule option in the Target Settings dialog box. The default value for this option was changed from true to false in LabWindows/CVI 2010.
343989 - Some Programmer's Toolbox functions do not support Lab Style controls. The SizeRingCtrlToText, ConformCtrlBitmapToPanel, and RecessAllCtrlFrames functions do not support Lab Style controls.
344033 - Sweep Line Color attribute for a strip chart is not saved when the UIR is saved.  
344688 - Workspace status bar does not update properly with various Function Tree Editor user actions.  
344947 - The LabWindows/CVI development environment crashes when you cut, copy, or delete a function panel tree item if it is the active item, but not selected. The active tree item has a dotted border around it but is not highlighted in blue.
345003 - Deselecting a control by clicking the mouse in the User Interface Editor's white space does not update the Workspace status bar to show that no control is selected.  
345074 - Passing an incorrect panel attribute to the GetPanelAttribute function causes a general protection fault. For example, passing ATTR_LABEL_TEXT to the GetPanelAttribute function will cause a crash because it is not a valid attribute of a panel.
345185 - When switching to a different UIR tab, the User Interface Editor status bar does not update to reflect that the second UIR file does not have any controls or panels selected.  
345272 - Tree control may crash when more than 200,000 items are inserted.  
346432 - Child panels in a tab control do not resize when the tab is resized and Scale Contents on Resize is enabled.  
347326 - The digital graph control does not limit the Line Label and Bus Label values string size to 255 characters.  
348249 - The LabWindows/CVI Conversion Wizard may fail with an error if LabWindows/CVI project contains an FP file.  
348756 - The CVI GUI Localization Utility will not advance to the Right Y Axis of strip charts if the Next button is clicked.  
348758 - The Clear Translations menu item does nothing in the CVI GUI Localization Utility.  
349644 - ActiveX controls cannot be selected in the User Interface Editor with a mouse click if the control is dimmed.  
349930 - Mouse tracking is not aborted during a mouse click event if the control callback causes the panel to lose focus. For example, a string control handles the EVENT_LEFT_DOUBLE_CLICK event and during the callback the panel loses focus by displaying a popup dialog. When the popup dialog is closed, the mouse will continue to highlight the string control text.
350416 - ExcelRpt_WriteDataFromTableControl function does not support combo box, ring, or button cell types. Picture cell types are also not supported, but Microsoft Excel does not have an equivalent cell type to accept the conversion.
350848 - The font used in some parts of the LabWindows/CVI environment may not be readable on a Japanese OS. This illegible font is a result of the font size being too small.
352341 - Status bar does not always change color on OS theme change.  
352775 - Sorting an empty column in the Modules window causes an error. The LabWindows/CVI environment will throw the "The index passed is out of range" error when a column is selected that has no items in it. This can happen when you are not debugging because the modules list is empty.
355436 - The InetTelnetOpen function limits connections to 100. If you exceed this limit, a non-fatal run-time error occurs.
358837 - The alloca function is not defined for the clang third party compiler in a 64-bit configuration.  


Glossary of Terms


  • Bug ID - When an issue is reported to NI, you may be given this ID or find it on  You may also find IDs posted by NI on the discussion forums or in KnowledgeBase articles.
  • Legacy ID – An older issue ID that refers to the same issue.  You may instead find this issue ID in older known issues documents.
  • Description - A few sentences which describe the problem. The brief description given does not necessarily describe the problem in full detail.
  • Workaround - Possible ways to work around the problem.
  • Reported Version - The earliest version in which the issue was reported.
  • Resolved Version - Version in which the issue was resolved or was no longer applicable. "N/A" indicates that the issue has not been resolved.
  • Date Added - The date the issue was added to the document (not the reported date).