Get the Most from Your Academic Site License


The Academic Site License is the primary way academics and students get access to NI Software.

Don’t Let Your Projects Get Interrupted

Stay on track with active SSP


The Standard Service Program (SSP) for academic software comes with the annual renewal of your academic site license and grants you continued access to:

  • Student activation that allows students to install NI software on their personal computers to continue their work outside the laboratory
  • Online software training for you, your students, and your staff to ensure success in both teaching and research
  • Phone and email technical support with NI engineers for all NI software and hardware so you can be successful sooner
  • Latest features and software updates, including previous versions, so you can maintain compatibility with innovations inside and outside your institution
  • And much more, see full details here


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Download Software

Downloading is the easiest way to get NI Software onto your PC

See all the software included in ASL


Manage Your Site License

The Academic Site License comes packaged with software designed to save IT administrators time and effort

Learn to Use LabVIEW

Access training videos, courses, project ideas and more to start using LabVIEW

Get Teaching Materials

Browse ready to run teaching materials for a wide variety of engineering topics from circuits, to control, to wireless, and more

Get Software on Student Laptops

Activate the same lab software on student computers to continue learning outside the laboratory

Find Code from the Community

Kick start your next project using open source code from a community of over 30,000 companies worldwide