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SERIS Creates Rugged Network of Remote Meteorological Stations
Creating a network of remote meteorological stations based on CompactRIO hardware that are placed throughout the country and monitored on a PC running LabVIEW system design software.

Accelerating ZigBee and 802.15.4 Module Testing with LabVIEW and an NI RF Vector Signal Analyzer
Improving throughput, repeatability, and accuracy in the current production test environment at MaxStream.

Advancing Subaru Hybrid Vehicle Testing Through Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation
Using automated testing to develop a new verification system that satisfies the control quality level required for the motor electronic control unit (ECU) in Subaru’s first production model hybrid vehicle, ...

Automated Dynamometer Testing of an Advanced In-Wheel Electric Drive System for Electric Vehicles
Automating the careful testing and characterising of our integrated motor and inverter and covering every aspect of performance to help reduce the time our engineers spend on test.

Automatic Calibration of an Internal Combustion Engine Using LabVIEW and CompactRIO
Implementing an automatic calibration system for an engine control unit (ECU) on a test bench that focuses on fuel-film dynamics in a port fuel injection (PFI) internal combustion engine.

Automated Function Testing of Automotive Seating Components Using NI LabVIEW with NI Motion
Developing a rugged load- and displacement-controlled system – that interfaces with servo motors, load cells, and encoders and connects to Windows OS platform databases, printers, networks, remote access ...

Bioreactor Process Plant Powered by LabVIEW and CompactRIO
Creating a full-scale bioreactor process plant integrated with tablet-based monitoring and control to expose students to plant automation and sensor integration with mobile computing platforms.

Building a Data Acquisition and Monitoring System for Railway Harmonic Interference
Designing a complex data acquisition system that integrates the measuring, monitoring, and capturing of various audio signals; remotely synchronizes with other equipment; communicates with trains through ...

CADETECH Improves Monitoring of Electromechanical Shovels at World’s Largest Copper Mines
Developing a highly specialized continuous monitoring system for electromechanical mining shovels to enable a predictive maintenance strategy for these critical machines.

CERN Uses NI LabVIEW Software and PXI Hardware to Control World’s Largest Particle Accelerator
Measuring and controlling, in real time, the position of bulk components to absorb energetic particles out of the nominal beam core with high reliability and accuracy at the world’s most powerful particle ...