What is Vehicle Radar Test System (VRTS)?

The VRTS provides automated radar measurement and obstacle simulation capabilities for 76 GHz-to-81 GHz automotive radar systems with 1 GHz and 4 GHz of bandwidth. You can use VRTS confidently to develop repeatable, reliable validation and production test.

Meet Evolving Automotive Radar Test Needs

The VRTS helps you test advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) by repeatedly and accurately simulating objects and user-configured scenarios. With its performance and interoperability, you can meet increasingly complex automotive radar and sensor fusion validation test needs, and use its flexibility to optimize radar production test for reliability.

4GHz VRTS Demonstration

This video shows the 4GHz VRTS simulating one obstacle and modifying three key variables: distance and velocity of the object, and the power it reflects back to the radar sensor to represent the Radar Cross Section. The video also covers the benefits

See New 4 GHz Automotive Radar Test Innovations

NI offers automated radar measurement and obstacle simulation capabilities so that you can test your ADAS by simulating objects in a repeatable and accurate way. With simulation capabilities for 76 GHz-to-81 GHz automotive radar systems with up to 4 GHz of bandwidth, NI delivers the performance and scalability you need to meet complex validation test requirements and optimize automotive radar production test.

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Automotive Radar Validation and Production Test Solutions

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Hardware Services

Service Program Options

Every VRTS purchase includes the following services:

  • One-year warranty for basic repair coverage
  • Calibration to NI specifications prior to shipment
  • Basic assembly and functional test
  • 30-day technical support trial1


NI offers additional hardware services as part of its expanded service programs, which can help improve uptime and lower maintenance costs.


1You can continue to receive technical support for your software by purchasing a Standard Service Program.

How to buy your Automotive Radar Test System

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