What Is InstrumentStudio™ Software?

InstrumentStudio is free application software that provides an integrated approach to interactive PXI measurements. 

Explore InstrumentStudio Features

InstrumentStudio helps you to unify your display, export instrument configurations for a higher level starting point, and monitor and debug your automated test system. You can view data on unified displays with large, high-resolution monitors, and then capture multi-instrument screenshots and measurement results. Save project-level configurations for easier test repeatability with specific devices under test, or export instrument configurations to programming environments or directly to TestStand to simplify your code and parametric sweeps. You can also use InstrumentStudio in parallel with your code to monitor and debug running test applications.

Integrate Your Instruments in a Single View

Capture multi-instrument screenshots, measurement results, parameter configurations, and UI layouts for broader insight and instant repeatability.

Export Instrument Configurations to Code

Guarantee correlation by replicating instrument configurations in LabVIEW or any other programming environment using a single API function call.

Monitor and Debug Automated Test Systems

Monitor the state of your instruments while they are running, or take control of them interactively for debugging.

What Can You Do With InstrumentStudio?

InstrumentStudio provides an integrated environment for instrument configuration that both simplifies quick, interactive measurements and augments automated production test systems.

Interact With Multiple Instruments

You can use integrated soft front panels in InstrumentStudio to save project-level configurations and export combined measurement results.

Configure and Debug Automated Tests

InstrumentStudio can expedite your test configuration by exporting configuration files to programming environments or directly to TestStand for parametric sweeps. You can also monitor your instruments while tests are running and take control of them interactively for debugging.

What Hardware Can I Use With InstrumentStudio?

You can use InstrumentStudio with hardware that supports the NI-SCOPE, NI-FGEN, NI-DCPOWER, and NI-DMM drivers.

Provides precise voltage or current sourcing and measurement capabilities for PXI systems.

Acquires and analyzes time- and frequency‐domain analog signals as part of a PXI system.

Performs voltage, current, resistance, temperature, inductance, capacitance, and frequency/period measurements, as well as diode tests, in PXI systems.

Generates standard functions and user-defined, arbitrary waveforms as part of a PXI system.

Supplies programmable DC power for applications ranging from characterization, design validation, and manufacturing test.

View the full list of supported hardware. For interactive RF software, you can use the RFmx soft front panel.

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